The Sins of the Father
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Jack was nimble, Jack was quick.
By CatatonicLynn79

The Sins of the Father

by CatatonicLynn79

Jack was nimble,

Jack was quick.

But Jack didn't realize

that the floor was so slick.

Jack's right leg went one way,

His left went another;

As he slipped and he slid

In the blood of his mother.

He screamed and he cried,

as kids tend to do;

But scrambled up quickly

as the shadow behind grew.

Jack jumped to his feet.

He ran for the door.

But was snagged by his shirttail,

then Jack fought no more.

Jack's father was crying

as Jack's eyes grew wide;

he squeezed and he squeezed

'til the light in Jack died.

'I tried telling you, honey',

the man said with a grin,

'I won't let you leave me,

divorce is a sin.'

As the cops cuffed him tightly,

he lamented his loss;

and as they led him away

he was still clutching his cross.

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