the shadowy end
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this poem is based on feeling one have when drowning in own blood

the shadowy end

ever afloat amidst the fluid thickness of blood a dark blacken ocean wheeling glowing beneath waves yen to crawl trapping mirror stature engraving deeper with every passing jiff

you hold the breath stretching naught to sink icy arms hand yelping unchain from quiddity naught to drag to drown within depth of wet blanket and bow within consuming flames of tides

tracing skin like touch of light feather from below that swiftly drifting life whisking in thin air blow beating core pumps hard and hard and harder spinning stiff inhaling wavering shadowy scent leaping from red pool

exhaling pricking ache that is absorbing within scarlet sea warm waves senses as sipping churning burn bursting from flesh sojourned to flip body to dip painted in burning crimson potion and you slithering above naught to soak cruising bleeder hues

that sticky splashes touching floating frame waiting to drench like sponge breaking that wall in between by cracking a storming spill in brittle whispers dimming thy eyes to fall sunken on floor

wilting beats scattering losing to grasped grieve surge that is sailing silently in fused realm chasing to grip another unlocked door

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