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To the lost...

The Seed

By: Student Unheard

A seed dropped I was young A leaf Able to get picked up and dropped crumpled and crushed I could get blown around in the wind just to land in a cold lake and sink to the bottom

A seed landed Do I pick it up or leave it? Did I know what it meant? They told me that my life would prosper But all it gave me was a gaping wound of frustration

Letting the hands tick-tock on the clock 10 20 half an hour an hour gone

Sitting in the pew Trying to listen to a message and promise But I couldn’t help but let my eyelids drop, like blackout curtains closing out the safety of light

A seed was found A tug o war and I was the rope People could pull me like a dog on a chain Anywhere the world went I followed And that was my slipped step

But you showed at my front steps and you opened the door to turn my head Didn’t have to blind myself The thick layer of glass over my eyes shattered leaving me desperate for a spot A place Anywhere A somebody with a purpose

So I grabbed the seed Facing the split in the road I chose right Walked Took steps on each stepping stone Each stepping stone a new lesson All lessons learned I was becoming founded above your steady foundation Gave me a new perspective new way of seeing things

This hope that my pastor tried to convince while I sat in your presence I found it but it ain’t like the promise

I tried to use your seed Everything flipped I found out that life was a serpent Waiting to prounce on our necks at the weakest point

I can still picture the way his smile used to look Genuine Remembering is the hardest thing Now his smile shows the surrender to something A something darker

And nobody try to tell me that the shit of highschool doesn’t change somebody, That darker thing shows a glimmer of sin between the straight teeth of his old smile

Remember when we were kids and we didn’t have the world to battle? Remember when we made that promise? And remember when you left me in the dark, to watch you slowly crumble While the person who I used to know was rotted by somebody who you are NOT!

But I have the seed I found light My darker half of mind could be healed by you

Treated like a piece of bleeding meat in a pack of sharks Never turned my back But I guess behind the grips of a bottle and the smoke of burning paper Shows a false identity trying to make a name for itself

Slashing at the innocent, showing strength A strength that states fear A strength that states disrespect A strength that calls upon a cover up Trying to aid yourself by wounding others

So thanks for the seed So thank you I could’ve been the same Hiding behind the twisted personality of a culture

But you were my profound leader Taught me a place A foundation supported by a cement wall Each step making the wall a little tighter Making the wall a little more unbreakable A little stronger

So thank you for showing me true faith strength and giving me eyes that see what to know And what to know not Thank you, God, for making me who I am

Did I think it was stupid Yes. Is it now? No.

After the years behind me, my greatest advice to the lost ones is left in one line It’s in God that we can find our greatest adversity So take the seed and cater to it Because if it grows, your eyes will let you see what the world cannot

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