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“Why do you like me?” She asked, in her soft voice
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The Reason

by singlebiteofmemories-blog

“Why do you like me?”

She asked, in her soft voice

While trying to catch her breath

After playing with her Golden Retriever she bought last summer

But his mind wasn’t there,

He wasn’t listening.

He was staring at her wiping her sweat.

He was wondering how beautiful she was,

In her messy and drenched hair,

Before she asked again

“Why do you like me?”

This time he was startled, and didn’t know what to do

“Do i need to have a reason to like you?” He asked

“Of course, there must be a reason, everyone has” she laughed.

“So, why do you like me?”

How he wished he knew

Could there have been another reason?

It was obvious,

He liked her because it’s her.

But, he knew,

His reason, wasn’t the answer

She wanted to hear.

“Because you are beautiful”

He sighed,

and she smiled.

And his answer was enough

To make her happy.

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