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Silence is full of unspoken words procrastinating movements
By herooooo1

The Prison Intro

by herooooo1

Silence is full of unspoken words

procrastinating movements

Admitting secret love

My future passed me a long time ago

Melted and dropped on my cheeks like snows

It doesn't matter what happens next,

Its important that I'm still alive

I'm the person that after his death

Everyone says he is still alive

I gave you my tears

I saw eyes are all sleeping

I made a grave from my room

Wasted my breaths, my body got cold

But I made my spirit warm in my stove

I was always a loser in the paper

But I always went forward in my way

This world was bad with me

my dice number was low

I still havent lost this gambling


crime after crime

war after war

death after life, life after death

I'm alive cuz killing me was a good news for my enemy

No don't go, wait,

What should we talk about?

How can we understand good and evil?

I did not forget the place I was

But I should forget the place I'm in

A lot of obsession, in this dead cage that life is a crime

After this dark night, its lights time

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