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The losers summer

Played out in the summer of the 1980’s. “BEST. FEELING. EVER!” Stan said, trowing away his homework in a trash bin. “Really? Try tickling your pickle for the first time.” Richie said in a savage voice. ”Shut it, trashmouth.” Stan said back. “So, what are you guys doing this summer?” Eddie asks, holding his empty backpack. “Playing on the Mario arcade!” Richie said, proudly.

“You’re gonna spend the first month of your summer playing on an arcade?” Eddie said, giving Richie an ‘are you serious?’-look. “H-hey,” Bill said. “Do you guys think that girl is still in the school?” “Well, I haven’t seen her walking out of it.” Stan said while looking at the school gate. No one was rushing out anymore, ‘cause everyone had already started heading home. “She hides in the school stal, not coming out of there.” Eddie said. He also-

-was looking at the school gate. Richie was the only one who wasn’t. “Do you think her parent will find her?” Eddie said. “Ma-M-Maybe.” Bill said back. “Oh, you’re still my stuttering Bill.” Stan said. “N-no I’m n-not-t!” Bill said, embarrassed by his stuttering actions. It wasn’t something he controlled. “Should we go somewhere?” Stan said, breaking the silence.

“L-lik-like wh-where?” Bill said. “The sewers maybe.” Richie said. “No way! Do you know how many diseases you could get from being down there!?” Eddie said, with a little more stressed voice. “Huh. But who doesn’t like splashing around in shitty water?” Richie said while walking from the trash bins with their homework. While saying his statement and walking,

He felt someone grabbing him by the back of his shirt and pulling him back. “Henry. Bowers.” Richie said, not even needing to look Henry in the face. “Hey shorthead!” Henry said. “How’s it going down there?” Henry liked teasing Richie about his length. It wasn’t because Richie was actually tall for his age, and tallest of all his friends. But he was 11 or 12. Henry was 15.

Henry always had his Bowers gang with him. His gang was Henry himself, Oscar Bowers and Victor Criss. Oscars nickname was Butch, and no one at school called him Oscar. They were all 15 or over. “Give me that in your pocket.” Henry said. “What?” Richie responded, but clearly knowing what Henry wanted. “Give me it.” Henry said again. “Why should I give you it?” Richie said.

“If you don’t give me it, you’re gonna walk away with a blue eye. If you give me it, we’ll walk away.” Henry said. Richie was worried if they tried to lure him. What if they took his pocket knife and used it on Richie himself instead!? “Promise you won’t hurt me with it.” Richie said. “Yeah, yeah. Who cares.” Henry said. “And promise to give it back!” Richie said in a louder voice.

This time, Henry and his gang stayed quiet. Richie sighed. “Fine...” Richie handed Henry his pocket knife. And surprisingly, he just took it and walked away. They were trash talking him and laughing at their stupid jokes, but Richie didn’t care. Richie hadn’t noticed that his friends had becomes scared and backed up. And that Eddie had a panic attack. ‘I guess I just wasn’t paying attention’ Richie thought to himself.

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