the heart can't define odds, but it can defy them
the heart can't define odds, but it can defy them bg-grizzo stories

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I’ve lost more poems to you
By bg-grizzo http://bg-grizzo.tumblr.c...

the heart can't define odds, but it can defy them

by bg-grizzo

I’ve lost more

poems to you

than you’ve read

accidental queues,

save as draft,

delete queue

Tumblr says

Fuck You


your words

disappear like the

lost minutes morphing

into hours of conversation

not time wasted

time utilized

exploring the unknown

fog that clouds

both our paths

I have a lantern lit

next to you


you being

four thousand

nine hundred


ninety three

miles away from me

is more steps than

I can count

with a few strokes

thrown in

as drunk as I get

I still can’t moonwalk

the Atlantic

I could turn

it into wine

and drink every


but you don’t want

me to slobber on your shirt,

to slur Love

or show up with

pissed pants

I know you

wouldn’t mind

but it’s not my best

so I would

some say we

are crazy

some say we

might disentegrate

some say we

are lost

we giggle manically

we are indestructible molecularly

we know love

always is

but our hearts french anyway

with no north star

count the cards

whisper them to me

push in all chips

as I flash you a pair

of twos

that’s our hustle

we’ve never really

won anything before

why worry about

losing now?

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