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one gun shot, can change your life in so many ways. be sure to give tips and check in for a part two

the gun shot

it was that shot, that one single shot. if that bullet hadn't been shot, id be at home with my papa on sitting in the family room.

The great depression hit, it didn't start right away but it's gotten worse. mama died from sickness 'cause we couldn't afford the doctor. so i was the only child, and only girl. i had to take care of the house and papa had to take care of the farm. it was hard, no money, no job, no mama.

It was a yet another day. i was in the house taking care of the sweeping. i just finished sweeping the main room when a loud gun shot sounded. i looked at the door and my mind thought "did the hunters get something?" i set the broom down and dashed for the door, but when i opened the door, i saw the most horific thing a child could see.

the gun shot that i had heard wasn't what i thought it was. i looked down to see my papa, lying on the porch bleeding out. i fell to the ground onto my knees. tears fell down my face. i was only making things worse by staying here. i slowly stood up and ran inside, grabbing a large satchel and shoving as much of my things in there as i could. i headed for the back door not wanting to see that again.

i toke a few steps outside and then burst running. the tears wouldn't stop. i kept running. i eventually got myself to the forest and wondered around. hoping that this shortcut through the trees would get my the the town. i smiled at the beauty of the forest. my sadness had left for a quick moment before i remembered why i was here. there was a sudden chill in the wind and i realized that nightfall would come in a few hours

as i walked around the woods i headed straight forwards. the town should be a mile or two away from here. if i keep walking in this pace i should reach it in a little over two days. i was looking around and soon fear filled my eyes, "night is getting to close, i need to find a good spot," her soon fear turned to determination. she found a spot to stay and started to stare at the sky with a slowly setting sun

about half an hour later, the moon was in the sky. i watched it sooth the day into night and felt the absence of the bustle of wildlife. i closed my eyes hoping i was safe and pretended that i was home in a bed being read to. i drifted to sleep not to long after. my dreams where all about papa and mama, when i had a family. then my nightmare came back, the same one i had every night. the day mama died, the day me and papa lost everything.


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