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For you I will be a ghetto jew
By FrostyTheSasquatch https://www.reddit.com/r/...

"The Genius" by Leonard Cohen

by FrostyTheSasquatch

For you

I will be a ghetto jew

and dance

and put white stockings

on my twisted limbs

and poison wells

across the town

For you

I will be an apostate jew

and tell the Spanish priest

of the blood vow

in the Talmud

and where the bones

of the child are hid

For you

I will be a banker jew

and bring to ruin

a proud old hunting king

and end his line

For you

I will be a Broadway jew

and cry in theatres

for my mother

and sell bargain goods

beneath the counter

For you

I will be a doctor jew

and search

in all the garbage cans for foreskins

to sew back again

For you

I will be a Dachau jew

and lie down in lime

with twisted limbs

and bloated pain

no mind can understand

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