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There was a crash and a scream as the fire exploded out the window. The whole house was already errupted into flames,
By domianCreis

The Fire

by domianCreis

There was a crash and a scream as the fire exploded out the window.

The whole house was already errupted into flames,

the bright glow of of its blinding mass casting long shadows of my fellow fire fighters who were shooting gallons upon gallons of what precious water our town had left to stop the flames.

I could here her voice though. Shrieking above the flames. "Help me!" She cried. "Please! Help me!"

In a panic, I turned to my superior. "Someone is in there!"

"What?" He shouted, both above the cracking chaos and in confusion.

"I was told that it was clear!!" Without any hesitation he grabbed his walkie-talkie as I chucked on my gear ready to plunge through the flames.

Under orders, two others did not hesitate of follow my suit.

We threw ourselves into the flames, the scorching, burning mass still painful despite all the protection and precautions we took.

"Help me!" I heard her cry again.

"We're coming!" I shouted back, hoping my voice would carry. "Where are you?!"

I could hear her screaming. Her shrill voice coming from nearly all directions.

"Help me!" Again she cried. "Please no! It hurts! Stop it!!"

"There are several people outside working to stop this fire, and we have sent three in to get you.

" I heard the amplifire outside aimed at the building in some attempt to communicate with the trapped victim. "Please stay calm and come to a window if you can."

Another explosion shot through the house, shattering yet another window and causing the whole house to shake. I could feel my heart wrench in hopes that she was still okay.

And then I heard her screaming again.

"Where are you?!" Her voice was far too clear. So close, but I knew she could not hear me. She had to hear me though. She had to.

My panic was only growing worse despite how much I had trained to supress it. This house was not that big so where was she!

"Sir, we need to get out of here!" One companion shouted. "It's too dangerous!"

"No! Can't you hear her? She's still inside!"

"I can't hear anything, sir! We have to get out now!"

They would not let me go back in. Not until the flames had finally been extinguished.

And then my commander told me. "We could not find anyone," he said. "Are you sure you weren't just...?"

"What?!" My heart jumped. "No, I heard her! That's not possible!" I lunged past him, ripping through the tape that blocked off the house.

"Help me," a familiar voice whispered.

Wait? That was her! It had to be her. And I could finally locate her location. She was...! I glanced across the room to see another fire fighter standing over the remains of a flame.

"Help me..." The spark whispered. A tiny flicker rose up as if it was trying to reach for my hand. But then, the fire fighter yanked back the handle of an extinguisher.

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