The Do's and Don'ts of Mills Town.
The Do's and Don'ts of Mills Town. stories

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**Do's** * Pay careful attention to all signs and billboards in town.
By CommanderSection

The Do's and Don'ts of Mills Town.

by CommanderSection


* Pay careful attention to all signs and billboards in town.

* Thank Madame Labinak whenever she makes you a pie, she works very hard on them.

* Talk to Pietro about his work whenever he wants, he’s quite good at what he does.

* Smile while you do it.

* Be polite to the Madame’s daughters when you see them on the street.

* Find a way out.

* Help out whenever you can.

* Find something sharp.

* Always come back here before sunrise.

* Pretend you can’t hear the sounds coming from the Madame’s manor at night.

* Keep this list in a safe place.

~~If you see one of the Madame’s daughters with a red bow in her hair, bring her to this house and take her with you when you leave.~~ I’m sorry Julia. I’m so sorry.


* ***Never*** do what the signs and billboards in town say.

* Don’t let Madame Labinak know you're not eating her pies, it’ll anger her.

* Don’t sneak out after dark. Most of the town’s residents will have retired to their homes at that time, but that’s when the Priests do the ritual.

If they catch you outside they’ll give you to the Madame if you're lucky and Pietro if you're not.

* Don’t assume all of Madame’s daughters are the same. The one’s with their mouths sewn into frowns will help you, but the ones with their mouths sewn into smiles wanted it.

* Never accept Pietro's offer to help recapture his runaway puppets. He can get them back just fine on his own. He just wants to make you watch while he restrings them.

* Don’t take the main roads out of the town, it’s a trap.

* Don’t try to kill yourself. You won’t die, and the Priests will know.

* Don’t talk to anyone who says they’re me, even if they mention this list. If you’re reading this, it means that I managed to get far enough away from the town or the Madame has gotten to me.

* Don’t try to get somewhere safe when you escape. When you find a way to leave the town, the Madame will send her smiling daughters after you, and eventually they’ll catch you.

But if you get far enough away from the town then the Priest’s rituals won’t affect you anymore and you can finally die. You should have something sharp. Use it.

* Don’t wait too long to escape. While Pietro has more than enough puppets, the Madame is always running out of ingredients for her pies.

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