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A for Antidepressants B for Botox
By Baconmoontwist

The Alphabet

by Baconmoontwist

A for Antidepressants

B for Botox

C for Cerebral Palsy

D for Drug abuse

E for Early death

F for Finance problems

G for Greatly increasing the chance of heart attack

H for Heart attacks

I for Intensive healthcare

J for Jack Daniels and drinking away the pain

K for Killing with your own hands

L for Laziness and not even bothering

M for Meth

N for Neatly cleaning your syringe

O for Overdose

P for Procrastination

Q for Quo vadis

R for Rabies, and euthanizing the dog

S for Sickness

T for Tripping on acid

U for Used clothes, never buying new

V for Vile thoughts, always there

W for Will, not always clean

X for Xanax

Y for Yale and all the dropouts

Z for Zinc and not getting enough

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