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I am haunted by a tune That makes a melody of ruin
By lukkynumber

Sulum Votum Viri

by lukkynumber

I am haunted by a tune

That makes a melody of ruin

But Malia’s Lot can only burn for so long

It dares to look you in the eye

The buried sin, the cursed lies

All point to Kain’s forgotten Hallelujah

Why must we be thralls to lust?

It strips us of our failing trust

That mocks us as we sacrifice hearts of sin

Yet still, the truth lies in my arms

The succubus plays out her charms

And wins me with a twisted Hallelujah!

The masquerade has come and gone

The leaves grow dark as the nights grow long

But I know I can’t escape your fallen wings

And as the rising sun draws near

The smoking barrels of my fear

Still mourn the lonely call of Hallelujah

Strangers I have known so well

Begin to cry as the lightning swells

The mountain never falls to mortal man

Yet I have seen where the will of one

Has overcome the eternal sum

And passed the motion of a Hallelujah!

Isolated by your love

You searched below and you walked above

But he never truly came to being did he?

The madness that propels your hate

And now controls your final gate

Is drawn from such a simple Hallelujah

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