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I look back on what we made And the many beauties I wouldn't trade

Sometimes in June


I look back on what we made

And the many beauties I wouldn't trade

But the date still somberly approaches

On my mind’s eye it encroaches


One full revolution around the sun

A year after the deed was said-and-done

It feels oddly fresh in my memory

And sometimes turns my heart to emery


I remember it like yesterday

Rewind into one the rough fray


A call broke the silence of the night

And began a tumultuous blight

I looked to myself and said, “He’s dead”

A statement my sanity wouldn't tread


The next day, the article stared back

Awful proof of your chosen track

It was far too definitive by now

Every terrible bit was true somehow


My mind kept wandering to that dark scene

And in it always found the gun’s gleam

It was never soon before long

You pulled the trigger and were gone


I missed your tribute in memoriam

We dealt with you in our emporiums

Differently, we all did so differently

One of my few regrets, consequently


Sometimes in June I found rage and grief

Plenty of sadness and longing, too

I don’t recall most of what went on

But every feeling from then is drawn

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