Skipping Rocks Night Sky and Distance Between
Skipping Rocks   Night Sky and Distance Between stories

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Missing the love of my life; Night sky and distance between

Skipping Rocks Night Sky and Distance Between

I glance in to the deep dark night sky The place where my mind shuts and closes its eyes Thoughts of you and this distance between The unknown wondering do you hear me sing My soul longs to be in your arms can I even reach Lost in this distance where even birds cannot preach This place is not me where am I but alone I send the bottle of my love towards you where I am home Longing to see that beautiful smile and graceful space The deep unknown draws a line between us in this hurtful place Life’s misconceptions and words demise I sometimes say that which should have never crossed my mind Outside my soul’s body where darkness cast its shade As do these misunderstandings when I allow myself to fade The warmth of your love melts this ice cold place You cast heat over this love and cool my soul with grace Wishing for your love hoping for you to be near I am alone paddling hoping to pry myself from fear Resting in the air within clouds unique design I am free falling and passing the time I glide along tossed within this crazy riptide Where distance stays the same between you and I The sun peaks over the cliff of this night sky This place that separates my love from your eye I seek to climb in to your arms again Alone at sea paddling to this hymn My home is in that heavenly place of you You with me all of this right on cue Short of breath this distance steals my last The place I seek is almost within my grasp Lips quivering hands shaking Sweat drips heart aching I am simply yours My love for your taking The lord wipes away my tears He takes away my sorrows and even my fears He then allows me to see you that beautiful perfection He points me towards you the right direction Nightmares from where my hope drowns in oceans depths I float to the top to finally catch my breath My mind is clear and life has come to this I stand on your shore lost in this wonderful bliss My minds eyes are finally open No words have ever been so perfectly spoken I will love you all the days of my life With you my dear there is no strife

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