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"Paul.!" Hmm? I furrow my brow at the far away words.
By hurumphh


by hurumphh


Hmm? I furrow my brow at the far away words.


It's such a nice day today! My skin's really soakin' up the sun. Phew, might even break a little sweat soon. Good thing I put my shorts on today.

I love wearing shorts. I got some nice flip flops on too, Havannas. Cool beer in my hand. I could get used to this.


Who is that?


It sounds like it's coming from the hedge. They must be on the road.

Mmm, that beers fresh. I think I'll just ignore that man, I don't really feel like talking to anyone right now. Too busy lapping up the Sun in my garden.


Eh? Where's that cold coming from?


Ahh, fuck. The wind. What.. Why's my face feel like it's bleeding? Something's scratched me all over! Jesus!

"Paul! Paul, cm'on man. Please, let me put your shirt back on."

"No, no, no. No thanks. I'm just gonna lay in my garden all day today ... We don't get weather like this very often you know."

"Paul, that's the hypothermia talking mate. Look, just stay with me. Please. Paul!"

Oh good, it sounds like he's leaving. Hmmm. I'll just get a bit more comfy..

Cor it's so warm. Could do with some water.


Hmm, maybe I'll just sleep first. Yeah, I'll get the water when I wake up ...

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