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I posted this in r/nosleep a few days ago. Was told it would fit here. I am stepping out of this life. I don’t know if that means killing myself, running off to where ever my feet bring me or just locking myself up, never to enter society again.
By Quiet_Ashes

She loves me

by Quiet_Ashes

I posted this in r/nosleep a few days ago. Was told it would fit here.

I am stepping out of this life. I don’t know if that means killing myself, running off to where ever my feet bring me or just locking myself up, never to enter society again.

My wife and I have been together for 14 years now. We got married and, being in our early 30’s, we don’t have kids yet. We sure plan to, but we haven’t gotten around to.

We live in a simple house in the suburbs, we’re not rich, but we have everything we need and we are very close. She’s my best friend.

She works at the airport doing mainly early shifts, so it’s not uncommon for her to leave home at 3am. When I get up, in bed alone, it’s my dogs’ faces I wake up to, not often hers.

Some people ask how we manage, if it doesn’t strain our relationship… It doesn’t. She’s always home early, which is great because our dogs are never alone for too long.

When I left for work this morning right after feeding the dogs, I locked the front door while sending her a text

“Mood Gorning, Shoopie. You survived your alarm? Still don’t get how you do it. It’s 8am and I’m tired as fuck. Btw, I can still taste yesterday’s lasagna. Love you babe.”

I got in my car and got a text back when I fired up the engine.

“You know you have to brush your teeth in the morning right? :) just kidding. I love you so much. I’ll miss you.”

I noticed the typo and laughed at that damn autocorrect while driving off. As I was driving on the interstate heading to work, the radio was humming House Of The Rising Sun by the Animals.

I fucking love that song! The 8h30am began right after. House burnt down = 1 dead, Trump did this, Meryl Streep did that, traffic jam still causing major issues, weather sunny, etc etc…

Got to work, grabbed a coffee, went to my desk and opened my work mail. I’d gotten an email from my wife at 5h15am saying this: “I love you.” I chuckled at her sweetness and smiled.

Not five seconds passed when my phone buzzed on my desk. I didn’t have to pick it up to see the notification.

“I really love you so much…” I suddenly felt like something was off and sent her a text back. “Ok honey, what do you need? No need to be sweet to get me into a horizontal wrestle match ”.

I smiled at my original reply and got back to my daily stuff. By the time lunch was in order, I’d received another 2 messages. It’s the last one that caught my attention.

“You remember that star sky baby? You remember how we imagined living on one of them together? It’s so pretty, I wish you were here. But don’t rush, I’m not going anywhere.”

What the….

We went on a camping trip not long after we met and we spent the night lying in a field, heads close to each other and just watching the sky.

It was memorable to say the least, but bringing it up so suddenly seemed weird.

She’d never been the cheesy-romantic-candle-light-dinner type of girl so I thought it was unusual for her to say that.

My reply: “What? If you’re talking about our camping trip, of course I remember. Sure was pretty… What’s with the romantic spirit today?

“I love you.” , is the reply I got again.

“I love you mOAr.” , I said

The rest of the day went by as usual: work, coffee, smoke,

repeat… At the end of my shift I cleaned up my desk and left the building as quickly as possible to avoid the unstoppable torrent of small talk my colleague can unleash.

“Her son is going for his driver’s license so she has to get home soon so he can eat something before going to his lessons and my goooooood this weather is great make sure you enjoy it cuz I

know I will and….”

Don’t get me wrong. She’s a very sweet lady and she hasn’t got any evil in her, but small talk is something I am socially incapable of doing.

So I managed to deliver myself and got to the parking lot, into the car and off to home.

I was welcomed by the sound of my dogs’ bench rattling, meaning they’re still in. Meaning my wife hasn’t let them out. This was weird as she finished work around 1pm.

I opened the door and sure enough, both dogs swagging their tail around, making a lot of noise.

“Sup dags! Wanna go out? Momma not home yet?”, I joyfully told them while letting them out in the garden.

I figured she went to her parents after work, which happens at least once a week, and forgot to tell me.”

I called her and I felt time freezing. A man’s voice said: “This is officer Bradley, local police department. Who am I speaking to?”

A few seconds went by before I could say anything. “I’m Nathan (redacted). That’s my wife’s phone. What’s going on?”, I spoke with a trembling voice. His reply made me die inside.

“Sir, I think you better sit down. Your wife has had an accident this morning. She was hit by a truck while exiting the interstate.

We did everything we could, we’re holding down traffic, trying to get her out, but the fire is still raging. I’m sorry sir. There’s nothing we can do.”

I dropped my phone and fell to my knees. As I started sobbing, the phone buzzed one last time and I could see the notification. A message that ended my world.

“I am so sorry baby. Ill be waiting in the star sky. Love you forever

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