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Biologist here! The ocean.
By sketchbeets007

Shark facts

by sketchbeets007

Biologist here!

The ocean.

Such an incredible natural feature of this wonderful planet! Did you know that the great white shark will lose tens of thousands of teeth throughout his lifetime?

I've collected them ever since I was a kid. Haha, I even used to practice making my own "shark bite" patterns into chunks of meat just to see if I could mimic the damage of a real shark attack.

It's a lot harder than you'd think! Great whites can produce well over 3,000 pounds of pressure in a single bite. That's much more than a human could ever hope to produce!

See I've been studying sharks for a very long time. What's the most interesting fun fact I know about sharks? Easy! It's the simple fact that we actually know practically NOTHING about them.

They're such mysterious creatures! But one thing we DO know about sharks, is that people fear them. People love to blame them for all the terrifying incidents that happen at the beach.

And that makes my real hobby so much easier.


part of the [Death Goes to the Seashore challenge](

[Awesome narration by DeadJosey](

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