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I decided to post some of my writing stuff on this account, so here we go! Introduction
By takara-kaneko https://takara-kaneko.tum...

Secrets: Introduction

by takara-kaneko

I decided to post some of my writing stuff on this account, so here we go!


Bullets sprayed throughout the warehouse. The only thing between them and me were the unlimited amount of boxes.

How could I have been stupid enough to truly believe that I, someone so naive could do this without a plan? I should have listened to him, he told me to wait. That he’d come up with a plan.

But I wanted payback. Revenge. I was angry, and I had come down here all by myself.

Luckily there were only six men in this massive building. I continued to run the endless maze of isles, my mind panicking to find an exit.

My long sleeves consistently got caught on the items around me. My legs burned and my heart pounded in my chest. If I didn’t get out now, I’d be killed.

One bullet shot rang louder than all the others, snapping my attention back to the present. A strong force pushed my off balance, falling to the ground.

I caught myself with both hands, however my left armed crippled due to the agonizing pain in my shoulder. With no time to stop myself from falling again, I landed on my injured arm.

Tears immediately flooded my eyes, and I struggled to resist the urge to cry out.

I opened my eyes slowly, the feeling of something warm and sticky on my arm and face frightening my mind.

The crimson pool spread out onto the floor I was laying on, soaking into my clothes. I had been hit by a bullet, I was bleeding. They’d find me soon.

Pushing myself up to a sitting position using my right hand, I leaned on the shelves beside me.

I struggled to control my breathing, and the sound of the men coming closer just made it worse.

I wish he was here with me. He’d have some brilliant idea on how get out of this.

He always did.

The burning and throbbing of my shoulder only got worse. I tried to hold it with my right hand to attempt to stop the bleeding, almost fainting from the pain.

I sucked in a breath and somehow managed to stand up, dizziness making my time walking much harder as I walked down yet another isle.

Happy nineteenth birthday, Elizabeth. It might be your last.

I collapsed to the concrete ground. Maybe if I had actual experience on this sort of thing, or if I could even take pain, I might had been able to continue. But the wound… it hurt so much.

In a short moment of weakness, I whispered his name once. He always seemed to come when I needed him most. I should’ve known it wouldn’t always be like that.

My vision began to blur as the six men surrounded me. I had no place to run to and no energy to do so anyway.

I’m going to die here… I wish I had told him how much I loved him.

Right before I’d lost consciousness, the window above me shattered. A man walked up to me, but my eyes had lost its focus, and I could not see his face.

All had gone black when I heard muffled words try to speak to me.

Then, all was gone.

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