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It’s a universal killer, An unwanted visitor that makes itself at home In the lonely hearts and tired eyes. It becomes an addiction if given Long enough to fester, becoming the Only thing you can feel if anything at all. You cling to it because you so desperately Crave to feel something besides the Emptiness that resides in the Place of where you once assumed You had a heart that beat too fiercely. Sadness is an outcast, A reject that takes up residence in those Who are foolish enough to let it In when it comes knocking. It’s a heart that feels so much That it becomes too much. It’s the point when you stop caring because You once cared too much. Sadness is realizing that you are replaceable, That there is nothing that makes you special From the people around you. It’s realizing that they don’t need you anymore, After you gave them everything. It’s realizing what you gave them wasn’t enough, That you weren’t enough. Sadness is a drug that I don’t want to give up.

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