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roman reigns

by: sunny lochav

Both were comed and introduced. The ring was decorated with brilliant lighting. Their eyes were fixed on each other then roman push baron and a slap from baron then roman was angry and a

Samoa drop then a punch on his chick and a DDT from baron on a steel chair then interference of AOP then interference of shield then Seth give super kick then dean push him Romans side and a spear now baron was injured then Akam and rezar try to give a

power bomb on rings side but roman pull both and shield pick up steel chair and then start hitting with them Akam and rezar skin was blooding and doctors came they pull and

keep them on stretcher and take them and then dolph , drew and Braun come to defeat shield but they hit them with the steel chair again and at behind dolph escaped and ran out then Braun and drew also came out and go back the end

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