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This happened when I was 17 - barely legal to drive, always nervous on the road - For about two months, I was living with my aunt in Texas. She owns a pretty big farm, with longhorn cows and a shitton of goats.
By daitoshi

Release the hounds

by daitoshi

This happened when I was 17 - barely legal to drive, always nervous on the road - For about two months, I was living with my aunt in Texas.

She owns a pretty big farm, with longhorn cows and a shitton of goats.

She also owns five pure white [Great Pyrenees](

jpg) <-- size example, not her dog. They're very loyal dogs, and train very well.

She introduced me to each of them, and after a bit of standoffishness at the beginning, I learned to love playing with her massive fluff babies.

They were gentle giants with doggy smiles and loved belly rubs.

So one day, I'm driving back to her house from a grocery trip and I notice a big white van has been following me down the long-ass dirt road that leads to her house.

Makes my neck prickle, and I hope it'll pass when I slow down to pull into her short driveway, up to the cattle gate that leads to the rest of the driveway/yard.

It doesn't.

The van slows to a stop and parks behind my car, and I see the figure kinda move around inside, leaning to the side to mess with something between the seats.

He makes eye contact with me, but doesn't get out of the van.

Like the hounds of hell were on my heels, I sprint to the gate, push it open, sprint back to my car, throw up stones driving it through, skid to a stop on the gravel driveway,

then leap out of my car to close and lock the gate again.

Believe me, I wasn't thinking rationally, only that 'Once the gate is closed I'm safe!!

' So I latch the gate and sprint into the house, heart racing like a rabbit, hands trembling as I slam closed and lock the door.

I peek outside a window, careful not to let myself be seen.

There's no one in the van.

I see a flash of movement out of the corner of my eye, and see a man in a white shirt walking around the side of the house.

I freak out, because the cattle gate was never opened, so he must have climbed over the fence.

My aunt wakes up from her nap on the couch and asks what the heck I'm doing, creeping beside the window like that. I quickly explain, and she gets this dark look on her face.

She gets up, quick as a snake, and grabs the shotgun from over the door. (I thought it was decoration, but no.... fully loaded)

Aunt storms to the backdoor - we can see whiteshirt through the back window, and throws open the back door, making that shrill fingers-in-lips whistle.

3 dogs come bolting up from the barn, huge white monsters practically flying across the yard. The other 2 were napping under the porch in front, apparently.

I was still at the front window, and saw him sprinting across the yard.

He almost made it to the fence, but the 2 porch dogs had cut across his path and stood their ground, barking in their deep voices and herding him back toward the house.

Guy tries to run back toward the house, shouts something, and then gets BOWLED THE FUCK OVER by the oldest, biggest dog, who stands on his chest, and snaps around his face,

snarling and drooling and basically saying "Just try to struggle I fucking dare you."

Guy smartly goes limp, ragdoll under this pissed dog that's almost as big as he is, while the other four circle around, hackles raised, watching him and growling.

My aunt strolls up, shotgun ready, and yells at him for a bit. I watch her lower her gun and call off the dogs.

Those well-trained buggers back away a few yards and stop making noise, but they're still circled around him, sitting and *watching him.

* I got shivers just watching them - moving like huge synchronized wolves.

He gets to his feet, and she escorts him off the property, the dogs flanking silently the whole time.

Apparently the meter reader guys can have strict rules in Texas - She told them to not come onto the property unless they've called ahead and she's home to personally escort them to

the meter and back *for their own safety.* In my nervousness at being "stalked" I totally missed the energy company logo on his van.

New guy didn't get the memo, or ignored it.

Aunt cheerfully told me later that her dogs are trained to chase off or kill cougars (an actual problem she has - monster cats will drag off her goats and leap 8 feet over her fence,

dead goat still in their jaws)

The dogs never bit him - just barked and pushed him over and got up in his face. They're trained not to hurt people, but would probably fight back in self defense, if harmed.

Glad he went limp when he did.


TLDR; Young!me spooked and didn't realize a guy was from the power company. Don't jump people's fences in Texas. People have dogs.

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