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Summary: You and Tom take on the first trimester (plus a couple weeks) of your pregnancy. -so Tom has to leave when you’re 6 weeks pregnant to go shoot for 3 months but honestly you’re glad it was scheduled for the beginning so he’ll be home when doing day-to-day activities
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pregnancy beginnings - dad!tom

by tomhstories

Summary: You and Tom take on the first trimester (plus a couple weeks) of your pregnancy.

-so Tom has to leave when you’re 6 weeks pregnant to go shoot for 3 months but honestly you’re glad it was scheduled for the beginning so he’ll be home when doing day-to-day activities

gets harder

-you want to tell your immediate family in person before he leaves so you go down to your hometown to tell your parents together.

You facetime your siblings,

and your mom’s crying and she won’t stop hugging you and your dad’s congratulating Tom and clapping him on the back like dads do and your siblings are SCREAMING over the phone

-then you take an impromptu weekend trip to London and while out to dinner with his parents and brothers (Sam and Harry still live nearby and Paddy is still at home),

they order a bottle of wine for the table and you’d stopped drinking when you guys started trying to get pregnant so they don’t think anything of it when you decline a glass but

his dad (of course) asks, “so how’s it going on the baby front?” and his mom scolds him for asking

-but then you look at each other and Tom says “well, actually….that’s why we’re here”

-and at that moment Paddy turns to Sam and is like “I KNEW that’s why they were coming I TOLD you she was pregnant”

-and Tom’s parents are like “YOU’RE PREGNANT?!” and you nod and everyone is out of their chairs to hug you both

-Harry moves to NYC just after that for his filmmaking career right as Tom is leaving for shooting and it’s so nice having him around for help and company while Tom is gone

-two weeks after Tom leaves is your 8 week ultrasound which is exciting and you’re fine going alone but Harry offers to meet you there which you think is cool of him but he has

a secret plot that you don’t know about

-so you get to the appointment and Harry texted you that he’s running a few minutes late so you let the receptionist know that your brother-in-law is coming and to let him back when he

gets there and they send you back to the ultrasound room

-and so you’re back there and the doctor is preparing the machine and there’s a knock on the door and TOM WALKS IN

-and you’re like “oh my god what are you doing here?!?

” and he’s laughin and smilin and kisses you and sits himself in the seat next to the table/bed thing you’re laying on and is like “I couldn’t miss meeting our little….chunk..

” (from this point forward in your pregnancy he constantly refers to the baby as his little chunk)

-and the doc is looking at you guys like ??? and says “so you’re the…brother in law?”

-and you guys burst out laughing and you’re like “oh my god no this is my husband I wasn’t expecting him to be here” and the doctor looks so relieved

-anyway you get to see your BABY for the first time and he/she is basically just a little bean but you guys are flipping out anyway

-and the doctor tells you that you should be able to hear a heartbeat so tom’s holding your hand and you guys are all quiet and then you hear it and a tear slides down your face bc you’re

just so happy and Tom chuckles and wipes it away and squeezes your shoulder

-Tom sends your parents and his parents and all of your siblings a picture of the ultrasound in a giant group message with the caption “look at our little chunk!”

-you leave the doctor’s office with the biggest smiles on your faces and Tom fills you in on how Harry helped him coordinate getting back for your appointment and how he had to beg

the producers to be able to go but that it was so worth it even though he had to fly back first thing tomorrow morning

-you spend a nice night together and stay up late talking about how excited you are

-he gently wakes you up in the morning to kiss you goodbye and kisses your stomach too before he leaves

-later that day you go over to Harry’s and hug him SO HARD when he opens the door and he just laughs and hugs you back and that’s the start of your true friendship with Harry

-so for the following six weeks you send Tom a bumpdate every day, even though you’re barely showing for the first couple

-at around 10 weeks you guys start telling friends but you’re super particular about who you’re telling because you really don’t want the news to spread

-After a lot of discussion prior to getting pregnant, you’d planned to quit your job towards the end of your pregnancy, but the way things worked out at your company,

it was better for you to stop working after your first trimester,

so you were stressed about tying up a lot of loose ends there and so Harry helped make sure you were still taking care of yourself

-Harry checks in with you all the time to ask how you’re feeling because you went through some serious bouts of nausea in the first trimester

-he’s also your go-to guy to help you hunt down weird New York street food that you’re craving

-Tom would have that app that tells you “your baby is the size of a cherry tomato!

” and like what parts of the baby’s body were developed that week and he would love that shit and text you every week “how’s my cherry tomato doing?” like inserting the fruit of the week lolol

-Tom is constantly counting down the days until he gets to see you with your little baby bump in person


you guys are so good to us you inspired us to post twice tn ♥️

xoxo, L & A

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