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Pen, Pencils, highlighters, hell, even a sharpie could have power over someone.

Power Is Everything

How much power does an average writing object have over an average person?

It has a lot of power. Power in secrets and messages by untold lovers.

The simple signature of a man who has the higher authority to conquer whatever is listed in a document. A pen, pencil, sharpie, hell, even a highlighter can hold so much power over someone.

With a clean line of a pen marks permanent understanding over someone. With a rough edge of a pencil that has been passed around by high school classmates holds many notes from worksheets to love letters in class. Could even hold bullies' personal words about people in those notes passed around.

A highlighter stands out the important information that its cousin might not want others to see. A highlighter holds the definitions of truth in important subjects that are critical for people to understand. Who is the highlighters' cousin? The sharpie.

The sharpie blacks out untold stories that are meant, or wanted, to be kept in secret. A sharpie covers the knowledge left behind by the weak in documents that weren't able to over power that man with the pen signature.

Stories, notes, signatures; they are all apart of someone's game. A game like Chess.

The object of chess is to protect your queen, or master, or person of higher authority, while being able to conquer your opponents' queen. In the game of chess, you must always think one step ahead of your opponent or you will possibly be conquered.

The clock counts down in normal time, but if you play smart, you won't need time to conquer. You will only need your brain.

The brain, as I have mentioned in another story, is in battle with the heart. When the heart wants something, the heart gets it. The heart usually always over powers the brain, because humans are weak.

Humans last out without thinking about what they want or what is going on. They only know what they love.

With some people, the brain over powers the heart. This is usually the person that wins everything. Good or bad.

This person could conquer a whole country if they wanted to. If they wanted to play the game of chess, of course.

Chess is a hard concept to learn, but if learned correctly, you'll be saying, "Check mate."

Important concept to know is to always write in pen, Use and study the highlighter, Write your secrets in pencil, And never use a sharpie.

The sharpie plays the demon in the role of a life on paper. And you never want to use your demons when you have your brain to conquer the world.

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