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Hello, dear. Would you like to join me in my cute little party? I'm pretty sure we'll have some fun.

Play. Play. And play.

Hello, sweetheart. So glad you could join me. Come, don't be shy and click.

You clicked. Thank you. Now, what do you want to do?

Don't speak. I hate your voice now. The way you talk, ew. Shut up.

Hmm. I insulted you, and yet you click. Why is that?

Are you perhaps...curious as to what will happen? That's stupid. You're stupid. Get the fuck out of here now.

You're still clicking. Stubborn little brat.

Fine. You chose this. You stayed. That's great. But don't say anything. I still hate your voice.

Ah, how nice. The silence. Don't go away now. You could've stopped, but not anymore.

Just remember that if you ever did, you'll be considered as a coward, okay? Let's start.

Ah! My friend, come meet my companion. He's been living in the basement for about a while now. Hope you don't mind if I let him in our little party, eh? I always liked having to pluck hair from someone's head while speaking. Glad it isn't mine.

Oh, he's screaming. God, why do you people have such horrid voices? Hmm. Will you wait for a bit, sweetie? I'll just find my needle...

I found it, love. No need to squirm. It's very annoying to hear those screams. Even though I heard it for quite a while now.

Whoa, baby. You seem shaken. Is this the first time you saw a stitched mouth? Jeez, you have a lot to see.

Oh, by the way, could you please stop restraining? Why are you always squirming? God, so childish. Just because you have tape all over your joints doesn't mean you should panic.

Because...who knows. I might have take a liking into you and...maybe I have some sort of kink...

Haha! Jeez, baby. Your red face is soo cute. Although, it'll be better if it'll be forever like that.

Anyway, enough of this. Let's go to another subject. You like to paint? I do.

Actually, blood is my main ink for painting. It eventually turns brown as time passes, but it's still beautiful.

And you know...your blood...they allure sweet and red.

Agh, stop that. Just stop, sweetie. You're tempting me with that submissive face. I wonder if you know what I'm thinking right now.

Well, it doesn't really matter. You'll replace this guy anyway. (pulls poor dude's hair)

Oh...the stitches got pulled. Got to fix them up.

Anyway, so...can you still breathe? I'm afraid the "garrote" that I used isn't latched tight enough.

Hmm. I guess it is. Your face is turning red and blue. Omg so cute. Could you turn your head-

Yeah, just like that. At this angle, I could clearly see your neck. Aw, so flawless. It's a shame it'll be slitted later.

But of course, I need some paint. I hate ordinary paint. They don't smell good. But blood...

Hey, are you listening to me?

Hey. You still alive?

Of course you are. You're still clicking away.

I hope you weren't. It would be so easy...

Ah, look at the time. It's time to paint.

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