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This is an excerpt from my play, Pink City. The dialogue comes from the protagonist, Brock (Broccoli Moon).

Pink City Honesty

"What really hurt me, when Paula cheated on me,

wasn't that she did it to me, or in front of our kids,

but that she did it to Broccoli Moon.

I couldn't live with the fact that she could do such a thing to him.

I figured, if it could happen to Broccoli Moon, the man that I was -

the man that I wanted to be, I was nothing.


An ugly man where only beautiful people should be.

Now that's nuts.

Who did I think I was?

Listen, Mr. Awesome, if you keep being like what you looked up to, soon enough it'll happen to you too.

Who do we think we are?


No, my brother,

we're definitely not everything;

we're just people.

People corrupted by our own self-interests.

We live high and mighty now,

but reality will kick us out of our homes,

steal our wives,

bastardize and murder our children,

and we'll end up living under a bridge a home for the ants screaming, "What happened?"

But in reality we know exactly what happened;

we know for a fact that we were nasty people not fit for even the worst day.


Beware Henry Moon, there's a better day coming,

there's a better Broccoli Moon coming,

and when he's in town,


you better get with it or get out.

This new Broccoli Moon is platinum.

Real platinum this time.

Warm in the sun platinum.

What are you?


Something or nothing?



What are you, Henry?"

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