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LTL; FTP. Happened about a week ago. I'm an assistant manager at a small company in the American Southwest.
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On the verge of tears

by Ent3rpris3

LTL; FTP. Happened about a week ago.

I'm an assistant manager at a small company in the American Southwest.

Theater in question is attached to a shopping mall, while our [other theater] is stand alone and the land is company owned.


A man and woman show up for a showing of "The Case for Christ" @ 10:00, but it's only playing at the other theater in town (happens ALL THE FUCKING TIME!!!

Idiots can't seem to read a simple website), and it would take too long for anyone short of Dale Earnhardt Jr. to get there on time.

After questioning the box office attendant about this, they discuss for a few minutes and go to Fate of the Furious instead (Also at 10:00, but actually at our location).

12:30AM. I'm the last in the building, waiting for the projectors to cool down so I can turn them off then go home. The couple approaches me, and the fun begins.

Immediately, the woman lets out a huge, exhaustive sigh, and the conversation proceeds.

"We came here to see the Case for Christ, but we couldn't watch it because it's only showing at the [other theater].

Also, we just finished watching F8, and I'm very troubled because there might be parents who are bringing their children to this movie unknowingly,

and they might be exposed to negative and un-christian ideas.

I'm very troubled - on the verge of tears - (literally, her own words, and they were accurate) that you guys aren't showing Christian films at this location, and only at the [other theater].

I feel that it's discriminatory to people who can't physically make it over there. I'm not going to come back to this location until you start showing christian films.

I come to the church events hosted at this location every so often and it bothers me that there aren't Christian films here despite that."

She carries on like this for a while and I feel that if I had revealed the title of the song in my headphones ("Highway to Hell"), she would have actually fainted.

I tell her that scheduling is controlled by the corporate office, and that there is literally nothing that I, my immediate boss, and their immediate boss can do about it.

I learned after the fact that it's in fact the studios that control this, and that of the 90-100-ish screens in the company (of which 26 are in my city),

only 2 prints were sent to the entire company, with one going north upstate and the other coming into our town.

Can only imagine how she would react if our 10 screen attached to a shopping mall had a muslim or satanic film showing that day.

Also, almost caught a thief after-hours a few days later. Fun week indeed!

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