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Its not that i want you back Its just that im in love with love
By whenyouloriasheck https://whenyouloriasheck...

On moving on

by whenyouloriasheck

Its not that i want you back

Its just that im in love with love

And romance still wears your face

Its not that i havent moved on

Its just that theres a part of me

That remembers exactly what it felt like

To have your arms around me

How you hogged the blanket

But let me lie down first

So thatd id always be comfortable

When we cuddled

Even if it meant your arm falling asleep.

Its not that i can’t get over you

Its just that i am so bad at being single

And so good at loving you.

You are so fucking easy to love

Do you know how that feels?

That every time i see you

Every time i come home

With my new and improved life

I am reminded of what it felt like to love you

I am reminded that i left you

I left you and now you have someone else

And its not that im jealous of her

Because we are pieces of two very different puzzles

That only just happen to fit together

But i am so terrified that im not going to feel like that again

You know i believe we all have a few soulmates in our lives

That everyone is blessed

With a couple of chances at true love

But on the off chance that we each only get one person

How could you not be mine?

Im terrified because you could’ve been mine

And i walked away.

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