NYCTOPHILE *a person who loves the darkness; the night.
*a person who loves the darkness; the night. stories

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He was a normal person born in the Earth, but he didn't know that he was the prince of the galaxy, hundred years ago. The king had died and now it was his turn to take the crown of the galaxy.

NYCTOPHILE *a person who loves the darkness; the night.

PROLOGUE Just above the green grass, mixed freely with morning diamonds of dews was a body of a seventeen-year-oldyoung boy. Dead or undead; no one worried to check. He was lifeless; left to be seen with his emerald Green eyes opened, there was no doubt that no one had ever tried to close them. He was too young to be dead. The wind rushed, sprinkling armfuls of Oak leaves on his body. The howl of the wind gave the skies something to listen to. This boy loved the smell of the Earth, the touch of the rays, the taste of dews, the sound of laughter and the feeling of being alive. Now, he had no strength to look back into his life…he was too dead to be alive. Some say that people had always been enchanted by the ends of things, sorrow and sunsets. Some people think of a way that remind them loosing something you love isn’t always sad and heartbreaking, but sometimes breathtaking and beautiful. He was breathtakingly beautiful. The sight of the body reminded that it takes one minute to make it’s someone’s day, and one second to destroy someone’s life… There was no one to share the sorrow with the boy, but a single black figure, hooded with a darkcloak, which hid his black skin underneath. The single figure was kneeling by the side of the lifeless body of the boy. If someone looked close enough, would see that this man’s skin was jet black underneath the cloak. Of course, he was not a human- he was called a Demon. He was a cursed lost spirit. Tears started running down his black cheeks and hands shook as he reached down to close the boy’s eyes. They were emerald green. No one had ever seen such beautiful eyes. The demon thought as he gently closed the boy’s eyes. He felt a pain that he had never faced before. Hundred years ago, this boy was his everything; he would have given anything to save the boy, like he was doing at that very moment before he died as a Creator. ‘Hytherus Sebastian Ares.’ ’The demon whispered into the boy’s ear. His black teardrops fell on the boy’s face. After a while, as quiet as the night the demons stood up. He looked back over his shoulders to make sure no one had followed him. Sure, he was alone, no one knew that the boy was lifeless. Looking sideways, the demon quickly undid a few buttons on the boy’s shirt. After letting out a long sigh, he started to write on the boy’s bare skin with black ink. 'Nyctophile.' He wrote, and left without a trace in the air.

Time- 03rd of August. Midnight. Location – Palace Garden. ‘Zene, I need to talk to you,’ King Sebastian said. Sebastian was dressed in his usual black robes, which made him look paler. His botanical Green eyes shinned in the dark of the night as it made contact with his son’s Green irises. They both had the same eyes. He was holding his son’s hand…maybe it would be the last time he got to hold his son’s hand. The sky was peppered in thousands of twinkling stars. The king took a deep breath before he tightened the grip onthe prince’s wrist, unable to let it go and a single tear ran down his cheek. ‘Zene,’ He turned to Zene. ‘Your Majesty,’ ‘What if I die?’ he heard Zene sigh. The exhaled breath appeared itself as white smoke in the cold atmosphere. ‘Then the demons will make your son be their king.’ Zene Augustus’s glance fixed on the crown prince. ‘He’s too young to understand.’ Augustus said. ‘There’ll be no one to stop the evils from demons coming to Ares.’ Ares’slarge, round Botanical eyes shot up at his father as he heard his name. ‘Augustus, they are too powerful. We can’t win them.’ An owl hooted in the darkness as it flew past them, reminding that there were only few minutes more to start the war. ‘Your highness,’ Augustus started. ‘Never forget that I’m here to protect your son. I love him as much as you do.’ ‘No Augustus. This time you don’t have to save him, because,’ Sebastian rolled his palms into fists as another drop of tear ran past. He didn’t swipe it, instead he let it go. ‘Because,’ he repeated. ‘I’m going to kill him myself before the demons kill him’ ‘Sebastian!’ But the king continued. ‘There are seven wishes to be done before a Ruler of the galaxy dies, Augustus. If I die from the war, then the demons will come searching for Ares.’ Sebastian looked down at his son. ‘But as one of the last seven wishes, if I wish the death of the prince, then the demons can’t capture him.’ Even if he was the king of the whole galaxy, his voice shook at the words of his son’s death. ‘Sebastian, you are giving your son’s life to save the galaxy. It will be hard for you.’ Augustus said. ‘Zene, go to the forest with Ares. If I win, I’ll come and find you. But if I don’t the prince will die before the demons capture him.’ He couldn’t force his tears back. ‘I’m sorry.’ There was a silence before Augustus spoke again. ‘But then, who will be the ruler of the galaxy?’ ‘The Guardians; Micheal, Susan and you. Micheal will lead it, I don’t want you to take all the risks. Because in the meantime, you have to find the soul of the prince in The Earth.’ said the king. ‘I thought you are planning to kill his soul too.’ ‘No. A King of the Galaxy has the power to control the specific moves in the time as well as the future. I’m going to use it to transfer his soul to The Earth. And then call up a Parting when he turned seventeen. –’ Zene interrupted. ‘Sebastian, the time is running. Hurry.’ Sebastian nodded. ‘Augustus, listen carefully. I planned this situation for weeks, sketching on my Gallery. Because I loves him. He deserves the crown.’ His gaze fixed on the prince. Unable to understand what was happening, prince Ares looked again up at his father’s face. He felt that something was terribly wrong. ‘I love him, Augustus. He’s my only son. He has my pure in his veins; he’s named after me as Hytherus Sebastian Ares.’ Sebastian hugged his son close to him. Prince Ares looked back and forth between his father and the guardian; suddenly he started to feel like nothing was in the right order. ‘Sebastian, you can’t talk like this. Just don’t forget that you have a family; a beautiful queen and a lovely son to look after. Remember that we all are waiting for your return.’ Augustus’s heartbreaking words carved on his mind. ‘And also don’t forget that I, as your guard; fighter and everlasting friend am too waiting for you to return home, alive.’ He added. Augustus wiped Sebastian’s tears. But still, his Green irises were blurry. ‘YourMajesty. The battle will start by two minutes from now.’ Zene reminded. ‘Give me your hand, Zene.’ Surprised, Augustus erratically dropped his right hand on Sebastian’s heavy palm.Sebastian loosened the grip on his other hand, which gripped the prince’s hand. He took his son’s small hand and placed it on top of Augustus’s hand. Augustus’s fingers tightened around the prince’s hand. ‘Zene, don’t waste a minute. Everything will be fine, if we worked into the plan.’ Sebastian said. The howling sound of the wind filled the silence between them. ‘Sebastian,’ called Augustus. ‘Yes?’ He was staring at his son. Maybe it would be the last time.Sebastian thought. ‘Every time I looked into his eyes, he reminds me of you.’ Augustus whispered as he silently smiled at the prince.

Chapter 01 Along time ago, his mother gave him a piece of her thoughts and still he reminds it with all his might… “Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.” * * * CHAPTER 02 Hundred years ago – Time- midnight. Date- 3rd of August Location- The forest Even if he was the prince of the Sun, an hour ago he again lost himself in the trees among the ever-changing Oak leaves. He laughed at the night sky as if the stars told his destiny.But he never knew that it would be the last night of his life. He was Ares, the prince of the galaxy; he was the only son of Sebestian, the king. He focused so hard to get what he wanted; to be the king, but he did not know he was about to lose his sight of what he deserved. He wandered through the woods, as the war seemed to build up more power against the Sun. He knew that his father was fighting in it. In addition, he knew that his father was the one that who sent him to the forest. The prince was surprised that his father finally let him to walk alone in the woods. He was too young. He was only seven years old. Ares walked bare foot on the layer of oak leaves. He started to learn to love the sound of his feet walking away from things not meant for him. Traitors fought against themselves returning from the provinces with their soldiers to kill the royal family. Dark clouds were fading into Red as the midnight clouds hovered, blocking the path of the twinkling stars. The dying soldier shifted his head to watch the glory. With all his strength, he lifted his fingers toward the skies where the holy brightness of the midnight broke into flame. Radiance reflected on his eyes. He whispered a single curse at the sky. ‘I will return to take my revenge, Sebastian.’ His arms fell back on to the ground as his life swept away from his body. Clinks of swords and daggers filled the air of the battle. Heavy breaths, screams, whispers, yelling’s and sorrow followed them. Three thousand warriors drew their swords for a war they would not win. Sebastian swung his sword in his hands as he drew his sword and fought for life- he felt sweat trickling down to pools of blood stains on his robes. Mostly it wasn’t his blood. Suddenly, he fell hard on the ground- he could feel the weight of the other person, on top of him. He saw that the ground was filled with bodies, as he fell. But not a single body was their enemy’s side. The person swung away from him digging his dagger into Sebastian’s arm and stared silently at him as the king winced with pain. ‘I’m sorry.’ He whispered and ran away. Pain. More pain. He pressed his other hand on the wound. Blood soaked his robes. Suddenly he saw a flash of something. It was too late when he saw what it was. A single arrow appeared nowhere from the darkness. Sebastian’s eyes flew open as it pierced though his heart making his vision blurry. After a sudden, he found himself fighting to breathe. All he could hear was the voices echoing in the distance. Is this the end? He thought as he closed his eyes for the one last time and whispered under his fading breathe, he was certain that he was about to die. He knew that it was time for him to wish his last seven wishes. Closing his bleary eyes, he whispered one by one of his last wishes. His wish appeared as white smoke above his head. The white smoke made its way floating in the darkness, swaying hastily like a boat. It travelled through the woods. The smoke sucked into prince’s body as Green sparks started fly up from his body as the king’s wish did his magic. An explosion destroyed the prince’s life… Is it the king’s last wish? No one knows. He was only seven years old when he left the Sun. Location- The Earth Hundred years passed after the Galaxy’s ruler’s death. Ares’s botanical eyes flew open in The Earth; he was not in the Sun anymore. He was reborn in the Earth. He was not the prince of the galaxy anymore, but a normal child. We all have a unique art, a personal passion that serves as a vessel through which our souls cannot speak, and their strength had found Ares as their home. Hytherus sen.Sebastian Ares. That was the name his father wished for him, but he never knew it. Time- 8.00am Date- 15th of June Location- The Sun, the Square The Sun known as theThe Creators’ world had lost Eight Creators from the war, hundred years ago. ‘It’s time for a Parting.’ Michael said, addressing the Guardians of the galaxy, they all nodded their heads to each other back in return, approving his idea. Days had passed before their eyes after the king died. As Michael observed Sebastian’s information very closely, after days in the library, scrolling through the generations of king’s lives, he found what to do. Michael quickly called up a meeting for the guardians. ‘I’ve found it.’ Even before the words escaped, a huge applause filled in. The creators whispered one another, they smiled, laughed, some nodded approvingly as Michael continued. ‘I have prepared the Stonhenges in each of the planet as a portal to the sun.’ There were hundreds of books and files piled carefully on the table in front of him. He started to explain how he found a way to transport the eight chosen people to the Sun. Due to his explanation, there were eight portals in the galaxy. One for each planet in the Nebula, there were eight portals in total. In the century of Sebastian, Sebastian had learnt to build them secretly so the humans wouldn’t find it easily, for an example the portal in the Earth to the Sun was named as the Stonehenge. To the people in the Earth, it’s one of the most prehistoric monuments, in prehistoric stone circle known as Stonehenge remains shrouded in mystery. The humans lives in the other planets doesn’t know that there are humans; Creators watching their every movement from the Sun. People only sees the Sun as a ball of fire. Nevertheless, it was just a glamour, the Sun was as normal as the other planets, there was water, soil, food and the other elements to create life in it. ‘- You all know that we created the Nebula as a mistake, while we were experimenting our powers. Creating the Nebula was our biggest mistake for centuries and still we regret it. However, my dear Creators, the past was the past, we can’t change it. Therefore, the best is to work for the future.’ Michael paused and took a deep breath, making his way to the hard part of his explanation. Every Creator seated around to table looked surprised, but Michael could see that they all were trying to understand what he was saying. He knew that it was hard to take that all in. he had experienced it himself two days ago when he found it in one of the most ancient books in the library. ‘So, as I was saying-’ he said, after waiting for a few seconds. He was wondering about how to explain. ‘After Sebastian found that it all was a huge mistake, he wanted to destroy the Nebula. But by then, it was too late that there was already life created in the planets. The word; that Sebastian was going to destroy the Nebula, spread quickly among some Creators who hated Sebastian. They wanted to rule the Sun and the Nebula, but Sebastian loved the Sun more than his own life, so finally he settled for a war. The ones who win will rule the Nebula.’ ‘Oh, god. I have never heard of it.’ Somewhere among the crowd Michael heard someone whisper. ‘Yes I know. We never knew our history, Sebastian never told us, and it was for our own good.’ Michael said. After sometime discussing with the guardians of the Sun, he choseone chosen member of the each planet of the galaxy. The eight chosen humans travelled safely to The eight brain washing sectors in The Sun. But still, when Michael selected the new eight Creators, he knew something was wrong. He knew something was very wrong. Two souls have been exchanged into two wrong bodies. Michael felt the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. Fear rose inside him for the first time of his life. Michael had spent his childhood learning on how to fear other people but now he was struggling not to fear himself… The eight new Creators were memory less inside the eight brain washing sectors. However, Michael never got to know whose souls had been exchanged. It was like a miracle. There was nothing for him to do except to keep it as a secret. A single cursed secret.

CHAPTER 03 Time- 9.00pm Date- 31st of December Location- The Sun ‘Hazel,’ his Botanical eyes flew open. His whole body shuddered in pain as cold wind swept past through him. Darkness was ruining space between the airs. He tried to stand up but his knees gave up as if to remind him that he had been lying in here for days. Calling back his memory never helped. Only word that flashed into his mind was ‘Hazel’. For his own surprise, he found the name ‘Hazel’ very familiar but the memories never came back and neither did his vision adjusted to the darkness. His heart pounded wildly as he stretched out his arms infront of him to get caught of a wall. Whispering the name Hazel repeatedly, trying to focus on it, he started to walk forward touching the wall with his fingertips, using it as a guideline. His hopes started to erect as his destiny struggled inside him. But the nervousness of being trapped in a dark room made his heart skip a beat. He tried to pull himself out from this foreboding dream; he hit his legs on the floor to get himself out of the dream, but after a while, he felt that it was only a limitless day dream. He felt that something was wrong. Where am I? He thought. A cold shiver ran up through his spine that suddenly made his whole body go numb as he took a step back to balance himself.He gasped back with horror thinking that he was going to be killed. But something under his breath told him that everything was going to be okay. That was when something happen. A door creaked opened. The sunlight blinded his eyes so much that he had to squeeze his eyes shut. He squinted at the brightness of the sunlight as he slowly adjusted to it.The sunlight cleared the darkness. The room was empty before his eyes. Four metal walls trapped it. Outside the door, his world was waiting for him. But still, he couldn’t make a decision. Maybe that was his destiny; fate or future… He wouldn’t be able to step back if he took a step forward. He had to make a choice. But he never knew that it was the biggest decision he would make in his entire life. His life was just starting, there was a long way to travel. It was his life waiting for him to face for the goods. But the guilty feeling never let him go. What’s out there? He thought. He was literally just trying to get to the next minute while living in the thought of tomorrow. He was waiting for something out there, but he never knew what it was. He wanted to escape. The thought that he was alone kept bugging. He was left in the darkness of his mind, but each time it seemed like he sank deeper and deeper. He steadily walked toward the door, feeling his breathing in the cold atmosphere. He stopped in front of the metal mirrored door- hesitating, before he took a step out of the room. Brightness collided with his face as he stepped outside. He glanced back over his shoulder unable to make his last decision; to go outside and search or to remain in the darkness of the room, waiting. He immediately decided to go outside and search. The metal door hung widely open to his path. His eyesight caught a tag on the door. It was glued to the door. He carefully leaned forward to read it as curiosity struggled inside him. His heart started to pound faster as he read it. All his pieces of questions set back in right order. Three words were printed on the tag, but it meant him a lot. THE BRAIN WASHING SECTOR. It said. … He turned away from the ‘Brain Washing Sector’ and started walking along the foot path which was calmly covered by Crimson autumn leaves. Still, he couldn’t remember anything. He started to feel himself as a blank empty space, he didn’t even know who he was. ‘Hazel’ was his only memory and his only clue. However, he still couldn’t remember who she was. His was tired of thinking who he really was. He had no chance to succeed and he didn’t even know why this life was happening to him. He kicked a rock, wanting to make an end to his life. The wind blew shattering the autumn leaves to cover his path, but there weren’t any trees. It looked like a dessert, he could even see the infinity. The sky was pitch black and cloudless like an enormous black ceiling, but from somewhere brightness streamed into his world. He knew that he was not in The Earth anymore, but somewhere else. Maybe this all could be a dream. Everything was very unfamiliar to him except the name, ‘Hazel’. Still, he didn’t know where he was. There was no one to ask. He couldn’t see any humans, not even any creatures. He was curious but at the same time nervous too. He wanted to find. Find answers. But before all of that, he needed to find out who he was. He didn’t even know his name. He couldn’t even remember his own face! Where is my family? Feelings floated through him making him wanting to scream; cry and even laugh at himself. If this is a dream, it should have been over. It’staking too much time. He thought. He started walking faster. His canvas shoes dig into the layers of leaves as he did so, which made him sick, the way his feelings controlled himself and the way he couldn’t stop it. His body ached in pain. How long have I been lying in that scary room? Who knows? His mind wept in hopelessness. He didn’t know where he belonged, but he still believed in himself.He knew that he had been brain washed, but by whom? Why?He knew that he knows Hazel, but who was she?Losing his memory had changed him into something he never meant to be. It had transformed him into a person he never recognized. With all the pain which captured his heart, he broke into a run. The cold wind ripped past his face. His tousled black hair flew back as he ran. He didn’t stop. His ears rang as he ran. The feeling of running satisfied him enough. Autumn leaves flew away with the cold wind burying his path. ‘Where am I?’ he whispered under his breath. The cold wind froze his body. He pulled the hood of his black jacket over his head, hiding himself inside. He started to run. It seemed like the only thing that was left for him to do, at least it helped him to focus. It was freezing so hard that he felt cold air touching his bare skin as he ran; making the hem of his jacket fly. He squeezed his palms into fists and slid them into his pockets as he ran. As his fingers dig deeper into the pockets he felt something in one of them. Paper. A ball of paper. He stopped running. Slowly, wrapping his fingers around the ball of paper, he guided it out of his pocket. He was right, it was a ball of paper. He was curious all over again. With shaking fingers, he unfolded the paper. He felt his body tightening as he carefully scanned the piece of paper. Is this my hint? His Botanical green eyes sparkled with a hope- a single hope. Finally- finally, he had found something. Maybe it could something from his past life. His eyes danced among the letters as his heavy hands tightened around the paper. He realized that it was only a half of a hint. There had to be more. ‘Ash Maxon!’ Suddenly he heard someone yelling behind his back. He automatically turned back as he heard the name. Maybe it could be his name. Ash Maxon. A grin replaced his blank expression. He saw a man in front of him. He wore long grey robes, which touched the ground when he walked. The robeswere crisscrossed with red symbols. As Ash’s eyes searched the uneven man there he found a name tag pinned to his robes. It said, Zene Augustus. ‘Ash Maxon. Welcome to the sun-’ ‘The Sun-?’ Ash interrupted but Zene kept talking as if he hadn’t heard a word Ash said to him. ‘Now please follow me.’ Zene’s grey hair shuffled as the wind blew. He turned back and started walking, without even glancing back to see whether Ash was following him or not. Quickly folding the piece of note and sliding it back into his pocket, Ash followed. Ash Maxon hastily kept following the man; Zene Augustus who appeared to be the second in command of their leader. He was pale white, about thirty years old. He had blonde grayish hair. His voice echoed everywhere where he spoke, making the hairs of Ash’s neck stand straight. Ash was not scared of Zene, but he made him alarmed. Many questions were dangling from his mind, without answers and memories. A painful anger rose from Ash, wanting to kill himself for being memory less, but he found that it wouldn’t be over even if he killed himself. He was tired and depressed of thinking. What does that not mean? Is it a joke or something? Or does it really mean something? The only thing left for him to do is for continuing following the stranger. Ash decided to ask Zene. ‘Hey, wait! What did you mean by ‘Welcome to the Sun’?’ He asked. It was the first time he spoke to someone since he stepped out of the Brain Washing Sector. His throat was dry He started to think as he followed Zene. Everything is so unfamiliar in here. Where was hell am I? He thought about the place now he was walking. He thought about the layers of leaves on the ground and the way he couldn’t find any trees. He thought about the black sky. Everything was unfamiliar. But if this is not The Earth, then where am I? Is this the Sun? But no! It couldn’t be. The Sun is a fireball! Buteven if this is the Sun, how could it be so cold? ‘Keep your discipline, Maxon. Michael is watching us.’ Zene said without even looking back to see if Ash was still following him. ‘But what about the Earth?’ Zene stopped walking, still turning his back to Ash, he said, ‘What. Did. I. Just. Say?’ Anger was ruling his tone. Ash fell silent. ‘I said, keep your discipline. The master is watching us. Now stay where you are until I open the portal.’ A grin traced on his lips as if he was enjoying a secret. ‘Good Luck for now.’ He added. Good luck for nowwas the last words Zene said just before a claustrophobic cylinder appeared nowhere above him in the black sky and started falling toward Ash. Ash’s scream cut off by the wind as the four walls of the cylinder trapped him inside. It didn’t stop by then, instead the cylinder kept falling violently through the ground while Ash was inside, until his vision started to blur. And then it stopped falling. Ash’s vision stopped spinning as he stumbled, unable to keep his balance. . . . Time- 9.45pm Date- 31st of December Location- The Square. The metal cylinder split into two halves and disappeared into thin air, revealing Ash Maxon in the middle of a huge indoor area. Millions of people were staring athim. He found himself standing on a metal box, which was 1 foot wide. It sat on a mahogany wooden floor. Ash curiously looked around, scanning the surroundings as he noticed that he was standing in the middle of a hall.It had a glass ceiling, which truly was a beautiful sight. Through the glass panel of the ceiling, thousands of stars twinkled back at him. People were sitting around the hall with their eyes on him. For the first time since he opened his eyes back in the Brain washing sector, Ash felt that he was not alone. Not anymore. It was not only him who was standing in the middle of the hall, there were seven other people too. Just like Ash, they all were wondering memory loosely while they all stood on different metal boxes. The eight of them stood as a line in the middle of all the attention. Zene. Ash remembered, suddenly as he scanned the surroundings searching for the familiar body structure of Zene Augustus. He was nowhere to be seen. Ash started to feel nervous again, he felt that something bad was going to happen to the eight of them. Nevertheless, still, he felt something like a rope tying them all together. Out of nowhere, a man metalized from the thin air, like a projection blink into to life. For a flicker of a second, Ash wished that it was Zene, but it was not.It was a man dressed as similar to Zene- with grey robes with curling red patterns, but he was a little darker than Zene. Ash’s eyes darted from right to left, carefully scanning the crowd of people reacting to the appearance of the unknown man. Immediately, the crowd gathered around the arena stood up from their seats to pay respect to their leader. A huge applause filled in which made the representatives from each planet wonder that what was going to happen. The eyes of the unknown were no longer scanning the eight of them;instead, they all were looking at the man who just arrived. An immoral smile ran across the thin man’s face. He turned to face the crowd. He cleared his throat as the crowd fell silent. ‘Welcome to the civilization.’ He, Michael Quartz unlocked his roaring voice, which caused the crowd to pay attention. ‘Ladies and gentleman, it was said centuries ago by our past king Hytherus Sebastian, that in the future eight representatives from each planet would face the most important minutes of their lives, called The Parting.’ Micheal paused to take a breath, making sure that every single person’s eyes were on him. Far off in the very corner of the hall, was a little boy playing with a ball of cotton. His attention was on the cotton ball. A faction of a second passed before Michael gestured his finger at the boy. Suddenly, the little boy gripped his throat and started to gag for air, he fell on to the wooden floor. Tears ran down his cheeks, he tried to scream but no sound came out. And then, he stiffened as his whole body went still. Michael cleared his throat to get back the crowd’s attention. This time, every single person stared at Michael, making sure to stay still. A grin passed over Michael’s lips before he started again. ‘So I, as Michael Quartz, like to offer a warm word of welcome to everyone as we are about to separate our eight new Creators.If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought anymore.’ They are not my words. They were the words of our past king Sebastian who bought glory to our world. ‘My dear Creators, today I respectively say that we are a kingdom of Creators who has accomplished many challenges as a team as well individually.’ Michael Quartz paused to look at the eight new Creators including Ash. His eyes darted from one another of them. Everyone was silent. ‘We created the galaxy, together-’the crowd didn’t let Michael to finished the sentence, they broke into an applause. Michael raised one of his hands gesturing the crowd to fall silent.Immediately, they all fell silent, obeying their leader; Michael Quartz. Ash took a quick glance at the other seven people that were standing on their metal squares. They were all listening, silently. Some of them looked curious while some of them looked nervous. Ash had them both; Curiosity and nervousness. Micheal kept continuing. ‘…In fact, we didn’t crumble, we didn’t back down even if we first made the mistake of creating the galaxy. But now we are going to blink it fast. We are the Creators of the galaxy. We are the ones that made the elements and the eight planets. Our first king was King Hytherus Sebastian who happened to be the first and the last king until now. His majesty died a century ago in a war against the betrayers. My dear Creators, I don’t think you have forgotten our history. But however let me introduce it to our new eight Creators,’ Michael turned to the direction of the eight of them as he said the word, ‘Eight new Creators.’ Creators? Why does he keep calling us The Creators? Ash was lost in his thoughts, but the return of Michael’s gravelly voice awoke him out of dreams. ‘Now, you know that our past King Sebastian died in a war to save the galaxy.’ His hands performed different gestures as he spoke. ‘He was a great king that ruled the galaxy for more than hundred centuries. He was immoral. He was the first person who was born as a Creator on this Sun. He had the power to create the fate; he was the creator of the fate; the writer of the fate: the destiny of every single person lives on this galaxy. ‘He wished seven wishes as the king of the Sun, as he died. We still don’t know what some of his wishes are, but we know that one of them are about to claim today.’ A huge applause rose from the crowd. Michael’s palm shot up at the sky again making the crowd fall silent. ‘As longed as it’s who we choose and we’ll let you have your opinion. But I would like to advise you to shape them to our views. Welcome to the Sun!’ He yelled out the waves of applauses, ‘we agree that we won’t deceive, and one more rule that you’re here, remember that there no way you can leave. ‘Someday we will find what we are looking for, or maybe not. Maybe we’ll find something rather than that. Always remember that as fast as we find the prince’s soul back our lives will be safe again, we will be able to walk free in the night without locking ourselves up because we can’t face the demons. ‘Dear Creators,let me introduce you our eight chosen Creators, ladies and gentlemen please welcome our new Creators!’ said Micheal. Suddenly, the crowd rose and they all cheered together, ‘MAY THE 1ST EVER SEVERANCE BEGUN!’ Nodding to himself, Michael quickly signed the crowd to be silent. He started reading their eight new Creators’ names: ‘Savannah Emerson from the planet Mercury, Stephen Lawrence from the planet Venus, Ash Maxon from the planet Earth, Christine Black from the planet Mars, Logan Sanders from the planet Jupiter, Sapphire Valentine from the planet Saturn, Nicholas Anson from the planet Uranus and Hazel Jacqueline from the planet Neptune.’ Hazel The name Hazel flashed into his mind. Hazel Jacqueline from the planet Neptune. His mind echoed.

Chapter 04 PEOPLE SAY THAT WORDScan’t create feelings, they say that our feelings are created by our heart: happiness, sadness, fright or any other feeling, they are created by our heart. Nevertheless, there are some of those words that could literally make us happy, sad or fear even though when we don’t know its true meaning. They signify the power of words. The Severance.The moment that the word ‘Severance’ left their leader; Michael Quartz’s lips, fear wrapped around Ash. Even if he didn’t know what the word, ‘Severance’ mean, he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up as the crowd roared. Whatever it meant, it couldn’t be good. Glancing around, hoping to find a trace of Zene, Ash scanned the crowd. There were thousands of people staring at them, so eventually he gave up. Eight Creators representing the eight planets of the Galaxy…Even thinking about it made him sick, it made his palms curl into fists; maybe he must have been a fighter, a great fighter who never loses. . . . Suddenly the cool breeze in the air visualized as thick fog making him see his own breath appear like smoke in the air. Ash looked up at the sky through the glass panel of the ceiling. The stars no longer shinned, instead a grayish cloud covered the night sky, it didn’t look beautiful as it was anymore, it seemed like a warning; a warning for their own good. Instantaneously, thunder rumbled outside extinguishing the dead silence.All of a sudden, he thought that someone was throwing pebbles on to the glass panel of the ceiling that he feared the glass would shatter to pieces and fall behind their eyes, but it didn’t. Covering his ears with his palms he looked up at the sky through the panel of glass.For his surprise, when he looked up at the sky, fearing the glass will shatter down into pieces at any time, he noticed that it wasn’t pebbles hitting the ceiling. Instead it was raining. Raindrops kept hitting the glass covering it with drops of rain. It was falling so hard onto the glass, unlike the usual musicof the rain, It was an ear splitting thunderous rain. For someone that was so new to the Sun, Ash didn’t look scared as the others of the eight. He slowly moved his hands away from his ears, urging to stop shielding them from the noise of the heavy pour. Within seconds, he started to love it; he started to love the sound of the rain. It was anunique art. It was unconditional, it sees no reason…only the want to fall for its own gravity but it kept hitting the glass instead, miles away from the place that they wanted to rest. But yet it was falling, never letting its hopes fly away. He felt that something wrong was going to happen. Something had to be very wrong in this place. No one seemed to be surprised of the raining except the eight of the chosen. ‘Not all storms come to disrupt your life; some come to clear your path, Maxon.’ On his left side, a girl with thick shoulder length black hair whispered under her breath to nobody to hear, but Ash. The way she pronounced his name gave him a warm feeling despite the cold breeze in the air. She glanced at him under a fringe of hair and smiled charmingly as their eyes met, making Ash smile back at her. She broke the gaze and looked at Michael again, a thin grin covering her lips. It felt nice to hear his name from the girl than Michael Quartz. When Ash was young as a prince a hundred years ago, thunderstorms seemed scary. As if, the sky was angry with him. Now that he had become older. Something about its roar soothed him; he was comforted to know that even the nature wants to scream sometimes.He felt like a ragging sea trapped inside of a raindrop. He didn’t lose his hope. Believing that there would be thousands of beautiful things waiting for him to unleash, he swallowed hard to sink out of the unfamiliar feeling. Ash was still memory less. He truly, couldn’t accept himself. His heart, his mind, his feelings…Instead of fighting back the nervousness, he let himself to be nervous. He thought that he deserved to be nervous because everything was unfamiliar to him. He was not in his usual planet Earth anymore. Everyone said that he was on the Sun. but he couldn’t believe it. He thought the sun was a ball of fire, but now he knew that it was only glamour to protect itself from the humans of the other planets, which were always eager to explore unknown places in the galaxy. He decided to concentrate on the pitter- patter of the raindrops. He found that the happiness and the sadness were just to recognize. However, sometimes he had feelings, which he found hard to describe. That was why he chose to be silent. Life is not about waiting for the storm to sweep his soul off, it was about learning to stay with the pain caged inside. From somewhere a hidden voice in his memory less mind awoke him into presence. ‘And now for the time you all have been waiting for!’ Michael yelled among the chatter of the raindrops, ‘MAY THE 1ST EVER SEVERANCE BEGUN!’ Michael repeated himself, to get back the attention to him. An applause rose from the crowd. Fists punched into the air, cheering as loud as they could. Something is very wrong here. Ash felt. He startled as he tried to step aback. But that was when he found that his feet were glued to the metal box, which he was standing. He couldn’t move his feet. Is this some kind of a joke? He thought, but soon he found that it was not. His palms curled into fists again, urging him to fight his way back to place where he owned; where he wasn’t memory less. His heart started to pound again as the thought that he couldn’t run away feared him. He looked past him to see the other eight Creators to see their worried gazes at one another. They all were looking at their feet, fear in their eyes told Ash that the all eight of them were trapped on the metal box. His eyes darted from one by one of the people standing on the metal squares. Of course, he was searching for a familiar face; in other words he was searching for Hazel. Immediately, his eyes stopped in its tacks as it capture the face of a girl, standing on the very last metal square. Hazel? His mind started to echo. He knew her name even though he was memory less. Hazel Jacqueline from the planet Neptune. But still he couldn’t remember why he remember her name. Maybe she must have known him before he became memory less. She had a dark skin, matched to her blonde hair. Beneath her blackish worn out jacket, she was wearing a grey top, which made her look darker. Pretty, was not the word to describe her- unlike the girl who smiled at Ash, Hazel looked painful to set eyes on. She was trying to escape but only she kept fighting against the metal square, which glued her feet on to the metal. He slowly looked away from Hazel as the lightning streaked up ahead. Raindrops had covered the tension in the hall. Some how he got the feeling that the rain would last forever. Distinguishing Ash’s thoughts, the whole crowd who was sitting around the court, rose from their seats clapping their hands to the beat of the heart while singing unstoppably a song, which dragged his thoughts hopelessly. It was not a haphazard applause; it was rhythmic; strong enough to make his heart pound to the beat of the song, which made him nervous about what was to happen. “A life time or a galaxy, There is no return, The light shifts, And moves on. Each moment precious… Lived once, Loved once, Left once, Now… always…” Their word rehearsed back and forth, as two guards dressed in black suits stepped out from the mist and started walking to the direction of the girl who smiled at Ash. Of course, she was surprised to find two unknown guards walking at her direction, untold. She looked nervously looked at the other seven Creators including Ash to know what was going on. She knew that those guards were coming to her, because they never broke eye contact with her. Savannah Emerson fromthe planet Mercury. Now, the guards were dangerously too close that she felt scared to look at their faces, which were scarred. Her Screams seemed to be, cut by the song, which still continued as the guards grabbed her arms, pulling her out of the metal square, which she was standing. “-Somewhere along the rainy days, Your soul will catch the light. It’ll make a graveyard Just for you to return your blood…..” The crowd sang in the distance. Her screams filled the blanks of the song, wanting Ash to yell out for mercy, but still he found his feet glued on to the floor. As he glanced back over his shoulder, he saw that the other seven people too were struggling to get themselves free. She, Savannah hitched, she screamed, she cried…..but on one heard because of the noise of the rain… the two men dragged her to the center of the court making her kneel in front of Micheal Quartz, who was staring at her in disbelief. Instead of guns filled in bullets, the men pointed syringes filled with a purple liquid at her head. She immediately stopped screaming as one of the syringe needles touched the bare skin of her neck, reminding her that what would happen if she tried to escape. Drawing a deep breath, she silenced, but still shivers ran up through her spine as the syringe full of purple liquid sank into the spot between her cervical and the collarbone. She let out a scream full of pain as the lengthy needle sank in, but no sound came out of her half opened mouth. The fluid full of syringe made her energy low. She no more had enough strength to fight the guards, like a rag doll she was kneeling in front of Michael Quartz, half paralyzed. Savannah started to get nervous as she felt her heart pounding inside her body. No one seemed to hear her screams; it was the rain, which kept filling the silence over the waves of the music. She was now kneeling in front of Michael Quartz. Of course, she didn’t know what was happening, all she did was following Zene out of the Brain Washing Sector. In the distance, the crowd continued the song. “– And like water. There will be days. Sunny nor rainy…. Where you’ll see dreams That would never come true” The crowd was still clapping with their hands to the beat of the song, while the rain followed the music. Some grinned and some slightly smiled, as Savannah struggled, but instantly, a guard placed his heavy hand on her shoulder making her steady in place. She was trapped. There was nothing for her to do to escape. Micheal raised his arm, half-grinning with satisfaction at the sky through the glass panel as he closed his eyes. Suddenly, out of nowhere in the air,appeared an orange planet. It hovered circling around itself ahead from where Savannah was kneeling. It was the planet Mercury which hovered in the air, Ash realized. It was Savannah’s home; her planet where she lived. It was where she came from. ‘Savannah Emerson from the planet Mercury,’ Micheal whispered, but his words echoed everywhere. Micheal whispered under his breath, raising his left arm at the sky. Ash tried to read his lips, but he couldn’t. His unfamiliar accent startled him. Now the screams ofSavannah had collided with the thunder booming ahead. Her fingers squeezed the hem of her worn jackettightly as shudders kept goingthrough her body. Sweat dropped from her palms. Shifted and twisting to sides, she tried to stand up, but she was half paralyzed. Even if she foughther way to escape, she knew that the guards were quicker than she thought. “There will be days, Where we help Carve mountains And fill oceans. And there will be days, Where we fall Without anyone, Praying hardly, hoping That someone will is waiting In the other side To catch us from falling apart…” The song kept continuing as Ash’s mind kept of thinking what would happen to the girl.He was afraid that they would do the same for the all eight of them. With a painful soundless morn, suddenly, strikes of blood started to washdown from under her fingernails and out of her mouthunstoppably. She twisted with pain as everyone watched in horror, except Michael who knew exactly what was happening next. She was alone; there was no one to tell her pain, about how much she was hurt. It was like a pool of blood around her, it soaked her clothes, but her gaze was still frozenon the planet Mercury,which hovered in front of her. Blood was soaking her clothes, but it was not what she cared about, what she cared was the pain. No one came down to help her. What everyone did was staring at her while singing the long sorrow song. Michael had told them not to move or stop singing unless he told them to. Ash could never imagine this much of blood, he was amazed how she was still alive, but still he thought she would die in any second. There was no hope. Ash’s gaze lifted to her face, remembering how she quoted him before; stunning was the word which suited her better. But now, she was gritting her teeth tightly holding the pain together, her lips and the skin was pale – bloodless.He was sure that now there wasn’t any blood in her body. But to his surprise she was still alive! The volume of the song lowered, so did the claps making everyone hear the things that Micheal say- ‘So, Christine Black from the planet Mercury !Our First Creator to join the generation of the Sun! Let’s give a big thunder of applause to our first Creator – Savannah Emerson!’ Michael’s loud gravelly voice erupted suddenly, as a huge applause filled the air. Regardless, the song kept along, “Look into the rays, You will see your soul, Swirls of colours and patterns, As the wind blows The mist will calm you down, While the waves rock you to sleep….” Everyone around he was living and he was just breathing; watching, waiting. He was often silent when he was screaming inside. Anxious of tomorrows. With his eyes start he was looking for answers. A one more last painful scream and Micheal announced. ‘Savannah Emerson,’ Savannah painfully looked up at his face, her hands covered in blood. ‘Thank you for your service. From now on you can start a new life in here; in the Sun.’ a wicked but a graceful grin traced his lips. Again, an applause. “Light in the depths, Hues of brilliance Illuminating the dark And here below Lies and mysteries Creatures whispering Currents twisting And this is all captivating The Creators’ world…” They sang. Micheal again, raised his left hand and signaled with the two middle fingers and a black swirl of wind circled the air and filled in to the vial, which appeared between his two pointed fingers. Inside of the vial blackened for a while as the black silk- like swirl of blackened smoke filled in like a drop of ink dripping into a glass of water. It swirled inside and shinedlike silver white diamonds, it was rather beautiful to watch than seeing Savannah losing her blood, who now was lying on the wooden floor with a guard at her side. Crowd roared into the songs, suddenly as the rain changed itself into snowflakes. It was snowing and was amazing to watch. There in the court, it seemed as a mix of Weather, sometimes it was raining, sometimes it was snowing, and sometimes it was dark and twinkling with thousands of stars. It was a beautiful tornado full of colours and lives. It was hard to describe. Even Ash would admire it if he was not memoryless or suspicious. He was as bad as dead.-memoryless. After a moment, suddenly the black smokedisappeared into thin air in the vial, without a trace. But snowflakes appeared from the roof of the vial and fell weightlessly to the bottom of it remaking the winter days. Beautiful. Thought Ash, but as soon his eyes darted to Savannah painfully lying on the floor, the feeling vanished and was replaced by sorrow and nervousness. Suddenly, the snow inside the vial self-changed in to autumn. Leaves flew everywhere inside the vial which Michael was still holding up; small and big, there was no difference, that there was every kind of autumn leaves circling inside the glass vial. And abruptly, the leaves of autumn vanished again and here, there was spring filling the vial.Puddles of snow fell into the mud, melting. Trees appeared inside the vial, more alive than Ash had ever seen. Like a snow globe of magic, it changed into different weathers; spring; summer; autumn; winter. Finally, it smoked with darkness again, erasing the last bits of colours, which was encircling the bottom of the vial. He was amazed at her about how she faced it with all her blood, sweat and tears soaking her wet. Suddenly the black smoke stopped circling, fell to the bottom of the vial, and vanished. And there appeared a series of colours; Blue; Red; Yellow; white. Crowd fall in to applause, but this time there were no cries of sorrow between the song lyrics, instead there was cheers of freedom. Some even whistled like four drops of coloursmeant something special for their life, but the other seven Creators left on the seven metal squares were untold about what was to happen. It was nothing so good to be worry about. Ash’s gaze lifted to Micheal. He felt a rush of hatred at Michael. “ As you saw, Savannah Emerson will be awarded with the power to create colours, which will be great experience with all of us. So, Savannah Emerson! – you now on will learn to put colours to our lives. Your strength will decide the colours from top to bottom in the whole galaxy! From tomorrow you’ll be responsible for the galaxy’s colours. You’ll put colours to our skin, trees, sky, clouds, soil, Stars and even our eyeballs. Emerson, you’ll be a creator of our world. I again would like you all to give Savannah a huge round of applause.’ Over the waves of thunderous cheers, Michael yelled, ‘WELCOME TO OUR WORLD ; THE CREATORS’ WORLD; THE SUN!’ Soon his voice was drawn from the rounds of cheers and applauses. The hairs of the back of Ash’s neck stood up. Micheal demanded to the guards, waving, back to the guards to get Savannah again on her metal square. The two guards helped her to go back to her square of metal. “ A snowflake hidden among the midnight Seeing through the moonstones Flying lonely to make distance against the light, While taking flight over the silver dust.” They sang. Their tunes and the rhythmic lyrics faded as Savannah’s vision blacked at the edges. Losing balance, she fell into her knees on the metal square, blood sticking between her fingers. Her ears rang and her eyes half closed, letting the darkness to rule her pain. And then, she passed out.

Chapter 05 ‘stars won’t hurt you, Even if you darken them. Leaves will fall before your eyes shut. Leaving you in the darkness. Forever with your soul.’ They continued along, but none of them didn’t even looked at Christine who had fainted seconds ago. They just kept singing clapping their hands to the beat as the guards came back and started to push the boy who stood next to Savannah. ‘Stephen Lawrence’ Ash’s mind reminds back to him. He hadcome from the planet Venus. Stephen alarmed and struggled to free himself as the same two guards made him kneel in front of Micheal. Without even waiting for Michael’s command, they sank the syringe full of fluid in. His screams were powerful than Savannah’s it made the song echo through the walls. Michael’s sight dropped to Stephen, who was now kneeling on the wooden floor, as he raised his arm at him and signaled the sky. The same dark wind came out of nowhere, the planet Venus appeared circling around itself in front of Stephen. It was like repeating; but it was Savannah who faced it before. Micheal lifted his head, the same black wind trapped around Stephen as his blood came rushing from his finger tips from under the nails. His yells and screams seemed to be erupted by the song. ‘It was blood, years ago which ran through our lives, Red was the Black which we all hated to see in our hearts. Once the sunsets the reds of the blood spilled the white clouds, we changed into water without hesitating to live in our transparent creation of the Sun.’ Micheal explained through the claps of the crowd. Michael’s gravel-like voice made the occasion scarier. Ash took a deep breath; he knew that this was not going to be very nice to watch. Blood spilled on the floor, more and more until the boy became paler than paper. And suddenly,the vial appeared on top of Michael’s raised palm, the black smoke again came circling inside of it illuminating the four seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter. After illuminating the snowflakes from winter, again the black swirl came rushing inside of it. Then after a minute,there appeared of little white cloud inside of it. Crowd broke the song and gave a big applause, but still their voice hemmed through the thunders of claps. ‘Thank you my Sun, as you can see our nature have given the power to control the atmosphere to Stephen. I would like to offer you my congratulations. From now on you’ll be able to control the atmosphere which means you’ll be responsible for cold, dusting, hot, sandy, fresh air – you’ll learn how to create them.” Then Michael gave a quick signal to the guards to drag Stephen to his usual metal spot.He didn’t look as paler as Savannah, who still hadn’t woken up since she passed out, no one cared to check on her. Still the voices hummed through the thunders of claps. ‘Until your soul faces the truth, There you won’t find a life The curses will leave from our lips Without even hesitating to carve the depths.’ The two guards didn’t stop after they guided Stephen onto his metal square which was lying next to him. They started walking toward Ash. Ash Maxon. Worryingly, Ash looked at the others, hoping to get some credit about what was going on, but he only felt the others staring at him like something bad was going to happen. Without waiting for the order of Michael, the guards reached out and grabbed his arms, tightly, and started to pull him out of the metal square he was standing. Minutes after, he was free; he was not standing on that metal square anymore. His heart started to pound wildly, his breath heartedly hoping the guards will turn back and head to another direction in any second. Nevertheless, they did not.They continued dragging him to the middle of the court where Michael was standing, with thousands of cold eyes staring at him. Ash turned back and tried to pull his arms free from the guards, but he found them still wrapped tightly around their fingers. As Ash scanned the crowd while the guards made him kneel in front of Michael, surprisingly in there standing right next to Michael was Zene Augustus. His arms was crossed in front of his chest in an unmannered way as his glance set on Ash, trying to free from the guards’ grip. Zene stared at Ash directly imitating Micheal. There were no hopes left to Ash. This was it.his thoughts started flooding inside him. He tried to stay calm but he only founded himself trying to escape, he can feel thousands of eyeballs watching him, and singing him toward his new life.m but he knew that this was going to be painful. He looked up at Zene. He was still staring staring at him in disbelief. Sweat fell to the ground under his eyes, he didn’t even tried to scream because there was no voice to desire into life, like he was voiceless, but he wasn’t scared he was determined, the only reason was he didn’t know was that was going to happen to him. Suddenly, a needle pressed into his bare skin on the neck, and the plunger of the syringe pressed in as a blinding pain exuded. It was still snowing outside the glass panel of the ceiling, and there were thousands of snowflakes peppered on the glass panel. Ash wanted to yell at Zene or ask that what was happening to himself because Zene was the only person he had talked to in the Sun. Instantaneously, the guards took hold, of his arms his plans to escape never come wealthy enough they were twice stronger than he was. He felt the liquid travelling through his veins as his strength and the energy to fight back lowered. He started to feel like half paralyzed. He tried scream ontop of his lungs but only a small cry left from his mouth. His usual energy wasn’t no longer inside himself. All of a sudden, the snowflakes that were peppered on top of the glass panel of the ceiling vanished into thin air replacing them with bright red autumn leaves. The leaves fell on to the glass out of nowhere in the night sky, and landed neatly on the glass of the ceiling. It was beautiful to watch, how they land on top of the other leaves, flying freely as the wind rushed. It was like amiracle, which should never had happened. The wind blew and the leaves steered to right and left unable to choose the right path to fly. After a quick applause, the crowd started to sing again. “Dance beneath the stars, as you live in the night, let the thunder to be a thief As the lightning, fill the sky. Feel the force of nature Tickles your shin, Spin with the world As the magic sinks in” Micheal raised his left palm into air and Ash twisted with a gasp of a pain as the black smoke appeared swirling and twisting in the air. His skin began tingle with thousands of tiny shocks. For a once in his lifetime, he thought that he was dying, but he was not. Shudders went all over from his scalp to toes; the rhythm of the song became faster as his heart started to pound faster. The pressure inside his skin built- Ash gasped- and his eyes, which had been closed because of the pain, flew open as the sensation built to a crescendo- and then hardened. He blinked dizzily,his ears rang. He felt his fingers trembling, knees wobbling until he found his finger tips bathed with blood, he perceived that it was coming under his fingers nails as strikes of pain shot through his body. There was a puddle of blood around him and he was soaked in blood. His blood, sweat and tears came running down and they fell off his nose, he screamed in the dark corners of his mind where he never even goes to search and he was not motivated enough tosucceed and he didn’t even know why this life is happening to him. He just wanted to sit along and have a good look in to his past life, due to the fact that knewhe was memoryless but he just wanted to release his feelings. The pain flooded through his fingertips to the floor coloring the wooden tiles with his blood. He kept so much pain inside himself he,Ash just can’t tell anybody how he fed of memorylessness because the all seven of them are memoryless, it was a hard experience to bare inside of him with now as his own blood was coming flooding throughout from his finger nails. He thought as the blood drained the floor. -I’ll keep it all inside I’d like rather the pain to destroy me, than everyone else…. “And these will Be someone that Come along one day And offer you An entire galaxy when You only expected A single planet…” The beat of the song continued faster and faster until it became a chant making Ash wince in pain. “We had stars behind each eyelid and a galaxy in our soul thatdrews demons to our endless hearts like the pull of a black hole. We were made of planets and scars our wishers cast on shooting stars, no one could memorize our wounds, until our inner stars grow cold” His screams and yells filled the distances between the pauses, while he was soaking with his own blood, whichhad formed as a huge puddle right beyond his knees. He felt like he needed more time to accept what is happening he just wanted to escape. The pain made himself change his thoughts; maybe he must wait and search someone about the place, whichwas known as ‘The Sun’ More pain. It flooded through with his blood. It won’t last forever, so wait...He thought, gathering some strength into his life. He felt like fading… disappearing as his whole body changed into paper white. His mind spins as his vision blurred painting some black edges to his unclear sight, which made an opportunity to the crowd to giveapplause. The humming of the song filled the pain in him. “We found the colours to paint you where the world had left you grey; we shifted the dark skies with alive rains as we all chant a peaceful pray…” He felt like he was hovering as if he had drunk too much water. It was like swimming… He thoughts made him think that he was full of water instead of hood, but unfairly it seemed to be true as he saw the syringe full of water. How come a human live without blood? Micheal raised up the vial. Crowd roared – full of energy. Ash wanted to run and make a end to this dream, but still there were the two guards guarding him, but even if he did he didn’t even had any energy to walk. He was hopeless against Micheal and these wereZene too. Still arms crossed watching Ash directly with his gleaming eyes. Micheal raised his hand one more time and snapped. Making a dark black swirling wind circled around Ash and dive into the vial, it whirled inside of it. First came summer, it illuminated inside the vial, fresh flowers bloomed inside as the sun came rushing from an edge of a white cloud, few dewdrops twinkled on the green grass. It all reminded of a happy start. Then a dusty winddestroyed the happiness of the summer into autumn. Autumn leaves danced along with the brown wind, footpaths covered with stores of rotten leaves. They crackled in the wing Moring faraway to the infinity. It was hard to believe thisall weather conditions were glamour inside a one inch width and 1.5 inches tall vial. A swoosh of a cerulean wind danced inside the small vial, while snowflakes appeared falling from the top of the vial, reminding a Christmas snow globe. The sky changed blue to grey embossing a snowstorm into life inside of the vial. As the rays of the sun started to melt the snow from the winter, as if to say its spring, but a whirl of the black breeze banished it all into pieces and filled the vial again with the dark smoke. It glistered under Michael’s fingers. A quick glance at Zene made Ash even more nervous. Zene was starring at a blank space in the air. Ash carefully followed Zene’s gaze and immediately, found him starring at the vial which was gripped between Michael’s fingers. The pain in Ash’s ribs washed off his thoughts. The song continued in the distance. “There were dreams, Still hidden under silhouettes Casting shadows to prison them in the darkness. But when the sunrays hit the ground, They all vanish behind the dews, Sinking their nails to the wounds, That we forgot to bandage.” Suddenly, the vial changed into clear water Ash tried to narrow his eyes to get a better look at the vial Micheal holding but his mind still gave him such hurting shakes, which happened to blur his vision. Still from Ash’s corner to the eye, he can see Zene Augustus dripping with sweat as if he was concentrating hard on the vial. What is he doing? Ash’s mind whispered over and over piecing through his pain, which still hurt after his passing of the blood. For a split second while his vision adjust as the pain sank in, he caught the vial clearer; inside of it was a miniature version of the Nebula. Hundreds of silver stars shot through the galaxy inside the vial like a dream casting spells. As he looked closer, he saw eight planets inside it; they were the planets, which the eight of them represented. Ash never expected something like tat beautiful. Zene Augustus’s face looked quite paler. His eyes darted back to Ash’s. Their eyes met. The crowd broke into applause when finally Micheal Announced the result. Ash watched silently, still kneeling beside. “My dear Creators, ladies and Gentleman I would like to offer your one latest result of the Severance, Ash Maxon”. Ash’s vision blurred some more. “As you just saw,Ash Maxon is awarded with the ability to transport between planets. This means that we could use his power to seek the planets, which we created. I like you to offer my congratulations. ASH MAXON, WELCOME TO OUR WORLD; THE SUN!We, the Creators of the galaxy wish you a great future!” Ash’s vision doubled. “Ladies and Gentleman, Give us huge applause! Ash Maxon!” Crowd cheered. Micheal stared blankly as the vial and the hovering planet varnished. Two guards approached Ash. They helped him to get back to his square, which was next to Stephen’s square who was still lying unconsciously. Savannah and Stephen both passed out after their Severance and Ash felt like that he was going to pass out too. He reached his square with a guard by his side, where he stood before his Severance. He had no strength to pull himself up, so he sat on the metal square as he saw two other guards pulling the next person in the line next to him to the Severance. There were screams and yells, but Ash had no time to glance at the way, he was seconds away from passing out. His vision blacked at the edges. For a one last time he glanced at Zene, to his own surprise he found Zene staring directly at him. He was pale and wet with sweat even it was very cold. Suddenly Zene’s stare was stuck on Ash, Ash blinked in horror as Zene’s lips parted. Then he whispered something into the air, no one paid attention to hear it because it was a faint whisper, which was only heard by Ash. ‘Hytherus Sebestian Ares’ Evenif Zene was standing feet away from him, Ash caught the words right out of his mouth before anyone else did. Suddenly his vision blacked out. He passed out with the words Hytherus Sebestian Ares resting on his lips. Chapter 06 His soul came back to his body as he gasped awoke. Ash found himself awaken on a comfortable bed in a luxury flat in the middle of the sky. It had glass walls, a glass ceilingand a see- through floor looking straight down at the Oak woods from the height of an aeroplane. Mist drifted below his feet. The air outside should’ve been freezing cold and too thin to breath, but he felt warm and comfortable.Unlike the marbled walls in the Severance court, this room had glass walls. He looked up at the sky; the stars twinkled back at him over the glass panel of the ceiling. The furniture was painted white, except for the small red walled room sitting in the corner. White leather sofas made a U round a glass coffee table on a black rug. A fire burnt in a slate fireplace. Bookshelves and paintings were neatly placed. A grey granite b

Chapter 06 His soul came back to his body as he gasped awoke. Ash found himself awaken on a comfortable bed in a luxury flat in the middle of the sky. It had glass walls, a glass ceilingand a see- through floor looking straight down at the Oak woods from the height of an aeroplane. Mist drifted below his feet. The air outside should’ve been freezing cold and too thin to breath, but he felt warm and comfortable.Unlike the marbled walls in the Severance court, this room had glass walls. He looked up at the sky; the stars twinkled back at him over the glass panel of the ceiling. The furniture was painted white, except for the small red walled room sitting in the corner. White leather sofas made a U round a glass coffee table on a black rug. A fire burnt in a slate fireplace. Bookshelves and paintings were neatly placed. A grey granite bar stood in the corner and behind its shadow stood a polished metal cupboard, which finally reminded him of the Severance court where he stood on a metal square, which was the same material the cupboard was made. Suddenly, everything rushed into his mind at the same time as he was still lying on the bed, covered with layers of blankets; following Zene out of the Brain Washing sector, The Severance, having the power to transport between planets and then passing out. Hytherus Sebastian Ares. He whispered. He felt the name as familiar as the name ‘Hazel’. With a jolt of pain, he jumped out of the bed, and was now standing barefoot on the see- through glass of the floor. He felt like he was walking on top of a forest. For the first time after the Severance, he looked around trying to get an idea of where he was. He looked through the glass of the wall. There, almost stretched toward the infinity were hundreds of other glass chambers feet away from the ground. Every single chamber was situated on top of a vertical glass cylinder, which connected the ground below and the glass chamber together. They all had the same glass walls and the white furniture. Inside the chambers, some people were still sleeping on their beds and some were working. He walked to the glass of the wall. Ash had never seen something like this beautiful panorama. It was amazing. The Poe light glared at the glass rooms and twinkled the glass with sunlight gaining its crystallized illustration toward the infinity. He looked at the glass chambers, which was nearer. There he found the seven new Creators inside different chambers after passing out from their Severances. On his right side, next to his own chamber, with a foot of a gap between was Hazel’s chamber of glass. On his left side with two feet of a gap was Logan Sanders’s chamber, who was also one of the eight new Creators who were present at the Severance. He stopped looking for the other Creators from the planet and started to search his room instead.He was still memory less. However, that didn’t matter him anymore, now he was in a another planet, it wasn’ta planet, it was the creator planet of the whole galaxy; The sun. From now on he’ll have to get used to its nature and the lifestyle. He wasn’t nervous anymore. Copying the others, Ash quickly made his bed and went toward themetal cupboard next to the small red walled room. He wide opened it and seemed glad to find a completely new lack of cloths lying on the top shelf. With a sigh of relief, he grabbed a black leather jacket, a pair of black jeans and a black sleeveless shirt and headed toward the red walled room, hoping to find a bathroom in there. ‘Hey! You stupid newbie, what the hell are you doing?!’ suddenly, a voice stopped him. Ash, completely frozen with his arms raised above his head, he slowly turned back to face the person who just spoke. To his utter amazement, he found a flaming ball of blue fire, hovering in the air just in front of his face. It was the size of his fist. In the middle of the hovering blue fireball were two beady eyes staring at him. Laughing, Ash put down his raised arms and reached to touch the funny little talking thingy, which he didn’t even know what it was called. ‘Hey! Don’t you dare touch me!’ it squealed as it flew up and smacked Ash’s forehead. ‘Ow! That hurt.’ He complained as he chased around the room to catch the funny talking thing. After some minutes passed, he immediately gave up due to the fact that the little fire ball was too small and twice faster than him to catch. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that the other seven new Creators were too chasing after various coloured fireballs. He eventually, gave up. ‘Ha! Told ya, you loser!’ It sang, hovering in the air just above Ash’s head. ‘Excuse me, what did you just said?’ Ash felt his face hot up. ‘Loser.’ Without hesitating, it said in a high-pitched voice. Oh, here I am, fighting with a foolish talking fireball. Uh, I don’t care what a stupid ball says. He thought to himself. ‘Oh Max, why so hot tempered?’ blue sparks flew off it as it spoke. Max? Did it just call me Max? As if he didn’thear what the talking ball said, Ash completely ignored it. After sometime, tired of trying to get Ash’s attention, the talking ball fell into silence for the first time after talking non- stop almost for an whole hour. ‘Max,’ it finally said in an apologetic voice. ‘I was just kidding, okay?’ Instead of forgiving the talking ball, Ash simply asked ‘Who made you, for heaven’s sake?’ ‘Oh, I totally forgot to introduce myself. Please let me introduce myself, master.’It spunaround itself and more blue sparks flew off. ‘I was made by Master. Zene Augustus a month ago to symbolize the accomplishment of the making of the Severance. My purpose is to serve you, if there are any questions, which bother, you can come straight and ask me and I’ll answer my best. Master. Michael commanded me to follow wherever you go to make sure that you aren’t breaking any rules. Another thing is that also you can use me to deliver letters to the other Creators. I sleep here and also wake up with you in this very glass chamber so I won’t lose you.Every single Creator owns a Nero. A Nero is what we are called. It means ‘the strong one.’ Okay, any questions for now?’ the Nero asked imitating its voice like a teacher. It seemed breathless after the long introduction. ‘What’s your name?’ Ash asked, impressed. ‘Name me. But don’t give me any stupid names, okay? Susan once called her Nero, Cow Boy.’ The Nero laughed and more sparks started to flew off to Ash’s face. Ash sneezed. ‘I’m going to call you Blu.’ The Nero nodded and said, ‘meaning, please?’ ‘Because you are blue! You have blue flames!’ ‘They may look like burning flames, but they really don’t burn you if you touch them.’ Blu said. ‘So, tell me why am I trapped or something in this glass room? Especially with a talking fireball?’ shaking his head, Ash asked. ‘Oh no, master! You aren’t trapped in here. Master Michael, Zene and Susan are waiting at the Severance hall for the eight chosen Creators to come.’ While Blu explained, Ash quickly looked at the other glass chambers where the other chosen Creators were. Sure, they all had already dressed and some of them were talking to their Neros and some of them still hadn’t tamed their Neros and were still chasing them around. He looked at Logan whose chamber was situated right next to Ash’s. Logan had dressed in a grey shirt and a pair of black denim and was talking with his Nero. Ash looked at himself; he hadn’t even dressed yet. ‘You’d better get dressed master, since you only have ten more minutes to show up a the Severance room.’ Blu said in a half demanding and a half pleading voice. ‘WHAT? Ten minutes? Dude, you should’ve told me.’ Grabbing the black shirt and the pants, he ran to the red room to get a shower. He still felt a little dizzy after he passed out last day. His feet made contact with the cold glass floor as he made his way. He pulled the knob of the red room’s door. It easily opened. Moreover, as Ash kept his foot inside, knob suddenly turned to a bright blue and spoke ‘06th of August 23507” It was the date. Today. He thought. The cold water gave him goose bumps on his pale skin. Ash felt like his whole body was a part of water as he took a great shower. There was a red soap smelled of roses, which scented the bathroom with roses and freshness. It felt like home…but it was not. ‘Master, hurry! Only five minutes left!’ Outside the bathroom, Blu yelled. ‘Almost done!’ Ash yelled back as he made his way out of the bathroom, hoping that the glass walls of the chamber were sound proof. He stepped out of the bathroom, and suddenly noticed that Blu’s eyes had gotten wide. Blu’s mouth dropped open. ‘What?’ Ash asked. ‘Oh, my god…’ Blu’s mouth was still hanging open as he hovered in front of Ash’s face. And then, biting the collar of his shirt, Blu dragged him toward the mirror, which was hung beside the elevator. ‘See yourself.’ Was what Blu said. For the first time after being memory less, Ash looked at himself on the mirror.He stared at his own self. He had botanic green eyes with liquid black eyebrows and a perfect jaw line. His touseled black hair shined with water after having a cool bath. His skin was pale, but not too pale that there was a little tan left, matched for his hair and eyes. He appeared five and a half feet tall, thin but muscular. In other words, he was flawless. ‘What did you mean,’ Ash asked the Nero. ‘I meant, look at you, master! I have never seen such beautiful green eyes. You are the most handsome person I’ve ever seen.’ Blu’s small eyes got wider and wider as he spoke. Then, he suddenly got silent and whispered, ‘I swear that all the girls are going to fall for you.’ A grin passed over Ash’s face and Blu smacked his forehead, making Ash yell ‘Hey! That hurt!’ ‘Ash, TWO MINUTES LEFT! You’d better run! C’mon!’ Blu pressed the elevator button down as they stepped inside. Blu’s aura of blue flames followed itself as it flew around the elevator. ‘Can’t this elevator go down faster?’ Ash asked. ‘We are hundred meters above the ground, master.’ ‘Oh,’ Ash said as he drove his hand through his wet hair. ‘That’s a sign of being nervous. Don’t be nervous, master.’ Blu said as he rested on top of Ash’s head. ‘Who told you I’m nervous?’ ‘Zene taught me enough body language before I met you. Driving a hand through your hair is a sign of nervousness.’ ‘You are making me afraid of you, Blu’ Ash said, laughing. ‘You are like a talking encyclopedia.’ ‘A book or set of books giving information on many subjects or on many aspects of one subject and typically arranged alphabetically is called an encyclopedia, master. And I’m neither of those.’ Two seconds later, the door slid opened revealing the thick dark forest, which he saw below while he was inside the glass chamber. It was a dark oak forest. A forest, which mixed along with his botanic dreaming green eyes. He was not expecting such a beautiful place in the Sun. He stepped outside as he felt, morning dews touching his white canvas shoes as the green grass mixed along with drops of water, which was lying on the Oak leaves. Sunlight gleamed upon through the clouds giving strength for him to take a clean breath of freedom after heat-thumbing hours of days. But, still it felt like a long journey had just started. He ran alone in the woods as his Nero showed him the way. Then he turned right, facing the opposite direction of the sunlight, shadows of oak trees fell in front of him. It didn’t seem long until he reached a huge wooden walled box- like room sitting in the woods. At the side, there was a door, cracked open. Ash gave a quick glance at Blu. Blu nodded, ‘fifteen seconds more.’ He hastily stepped inside as he found the other creators from the eight planets standing at ease in front of Micheal. Micheal was walking in front, back and forth. Suddenly, Micheal shot an evil uneasy stare at Ash and said; ‘I was wondering whether you have decided to sleep the rest of the day.’ Thankfully, Blu spoke before Ash, ‘We apologies, master.’ Ash quickly joined his fellow mates. Eight Neros of various colours hovered in front of each chosen Creator. Zene and another female guardian entered the Severance court. ‘Good morning.’ They greeted. ‘Okay, so first of all, I would like to introduce ourselves to you all before starting today’s training.’ Michael continued, ‘Since we still are unable to find our prince’s soul, our past king Sebastian chose three leading guardians to take the control of the galaxy. My name is Michael Quartz and this is Zene Augustus,’ Zene politely bowed. ‘And here is Susan Anson,’ Susan smiled and bowed. ‘We are the three leading guardians of the galaxy until we find our prince’s soul back. Okay, enough information for now. Any questions?’ No one spoke, so Susan awoke her voice. ‘Hey, young ones!’ Susan clapped her hands twice to get the attention. ‘Here’s your training schedule for today; first two hours- focusing on your physical strength. Second two hours- introducing your powers to yourselves. Next two hours- using your creating powers on challenges.’ ‘Hope you all will get used to our planets. I know it’s hard but it’s one of those reasons why you are here.’ Zene said as all three of them nodded. ‘Why wait anymore, let’s start!’ The all eight of the new Creators were curios as well as the three guardians of the galaxy. ‘It’s the fighting session and we are going to separate you into pairs, you are going to fight against each other.’ Susan said and started to separate them into pairs. ‘Savannah and Stephen, Christine and Sapphire, Logan and Ash, Nicholas and Hazel’ Ash looked at Logan and recognized him as the person who was next to his chamber. ‘Hey,’ Logan said, ‘Do easy on me, okay?’ Ash smiled. ‘Let’s start people! Fight with all the strength you have and let’s see who’s the strongest of you all!’ Michael announced the first players. ‘Savannah and Stephen!’ They walked forward into the arena mat. ‘START-’ Michael yelled but Stephen interrupted. ‘Wait! I can’t punch a girl!’ Few people including Zene laughed. ‘Well, then do you want to lose, because you don’t want to fight a girl?’ Zene asked as he snapped two fingers at Stephen. Savannah stared blankly before she spoke in a cold voice, ‘Excuse me, if you don’t want to fight with me, I QUIT!’ A purple Nero, probably belonged to her, appeared next for her for support and made an angry face at Stephen. Stephen pressed his lips together. ‘People, I don’t want to hear any more excuses. I said start, then why don’t you stop arguing with each other and start?’ Michael usual gravelly voice erupted. Suddenly, they started to circle around the arena before they started fighting. Logan had two fists in front of his face, guarding his jaw and forehead, but Savannah barely knew how to kick and punch. After some seconds passed, Logan jumped and kicked her face, which she was not guarding. Savannah threw some good punches but every time, Stephen managed to block them or duck before they hit his body. With another range kick, Savannah rolled on to the floor and Michael announced the winner, ‘Stephen Lawrence!’ The second fight was between Christine and Sapphire and it didn’t last long. Ash barely payed attention to the fight, instead he was scanning Logan who happened to be his partner. Suddenly, Michael announced, ‘Christine!’ Christine had won the game. ‘Next players- Logan Sanders and Ash Maxon!’ He announced as Ash and Logan made their way to the arena mat. Ash put up his fists in the air, one in front of his jaw and the other in front of his face. Logan did the same, as Michael yelled, ‘your time starts now!’ Taking a deep breath, Ash stepped aside from facing Logan and they both started to move around to a circle to take a good look at their partner’s body. Suddenly Logan took the first move; He dashed to Ash across the arena mat and jumped in to the air, folding a leg at his side as he did a sudden kick at Ash with his other free leg, but luckily Ash blocked the kick with a great punch, which knocked Logan off balance. He stumbled without balance for a while. Immediately, taking the great opportunity Ash whirled in the air and kicked him on the face. Anger rushed into Logan as the kick hit him on the face, his nose was bleeding and his eyes blackened at the edges. He stood on his feet again and faced Ash, who was staring at him in a wild rangeas Logan again ran into to him with a feral cry, which startled Ash more. He punched Ash on the ribs and pain rushed into him making him take a few steps back before blocking Logan’s next punch as he ran at Logan and jumping into the air, like a butterfly flying pararell to the floor, he whirled around himself and kicked Logan in the stomach. Sweat trickled down his spine, his breathing got faster and faster every second. He heard whispers rising in the air around him. Logan and Ash, they both stood in silence for a second to catch their breath. Ash, who still hadn’t got hit by a single punch except for the one in his ribs from Logan recovered quickly. Nose bleeding, ears ringing, off- balanced stood Logan staring at Ash. Ash started at Logan. Running, he made his target. 10 meters. He rolled his palms into fists as he flew into the air. Neither the three guardians nor the other seven new Creators moved a muscle, everyone was watching, there was a dead silence. 3 meters. Logan lied on the arena mat and crawled into a ball, protecting his head with his hands waiting for Ash to finish him. Michael had said before the fight, that if one of the people who fight feels like that him or her can’t keep going on fighting anymore, that they can stop the fighting from claiming themselves as the looser and the other person as the winner. But still, Logan hadn’t give up. 2 meters. Ash felt like hesitating, he thought that Logan will give up at the last second, but he did not. Everyone drew in their breath, but Ash stopped dead in his tracks, inches away from Logan. He was shaking. No. this is not right. I can’t do this. ‘WHY THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING, MAXON?’ Michael shouted in the dead silence. Ash did not reply, instead he slowly turned to look at Michael. There stood, Michael, Zene, Susan and the seven Creators all crowded around the arena mat; some with their arms crossed and some with their hands clasped together- they all were watching; staring. ‘Maxon-’ Michel started but Ash interrupted him. In stone cold voice, Ash muttered, ‘No.’ ‘WHAT DID YOU SAY-’ ‘I SAID NO!’ Ash yelled with great force that suddenly all the whispers in the air died. ‘Look at him, he can’t even stand up. How could I beat someone who couldn’t possibly stand on his feet?’ Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Zene shaking his head. This is not good. He knew. ‘GO DO IT, MAXON!’ ‘I’m sorry. I –’ ‘I’m not a man who usually says the same thing over and over, Maxon. So, you’d better do what I said.’ Michael said, his chest heaved up and down. ‘No.’ ‘What did you say?-’Michael asked, surprised. ‘No, I can’t do this.’ Ash hesitated before continuing, ‘I claim myself as the looser of this fight.’ Logan raised up his head and glanced at Ash. His hands were still shaking. ‘Are you insane? You almost won the fight, dude!’ Savannah said and a few other new Creators joined her. ‘No,’ Michael said as a thin grin passed between his lips.‘He claimed himself as the looser of the fight, that’s it.’ Ash looked at the floor, focusing on a rusty patch on the arena mat as Logan moaned in the distance. Michael cleared his throat before speaking. ‘I CLAIM LOGAN SANDERS AS THE WINNER OF THIS FIGHT!’ Michael yelled as he clapped his hands together, signaling the crowd to cheer along with him, but neither of them applauded nor cheered. ‘You deserved to win the fight, Ash.’ ‘It’s not your fault’ ‘You did the right thing.’ Whispers followed him as he helped Logan out of the arena mat and layed him beside Zene as he had instructed. Susan came to help him and she knelt down beside Logan and said, ‘I’m the Creator for healing.’ She carefully hovered her right palm in the air just above Logan’s wounds as he moaned and stretched. ‘Is he okay?’ Ash asked, he was worried because this happened to Logan because of him. It was he who punched and kicked him. ‘Don’t worry, I’ve been trained to heal people.’ She said as she healed Logan’s wounds one by one. Green sparks flew off her palms as she hovered her palm on the air. Slowly, Logan’s moans of pain stopped. Susan closed her eyes and placed her palms on his chest, the sparks flew in directions, which reminded Ash of Blu. Susan opened her eyes, and the next thing Ash knew was that there weren’t any wounds to be seen anymore. ‘Logan opened his eyes; his face was full of aliveness. His eyes glinted like before. He was healed. ‘Thank you, Susan.’ Ash said and Susan nodded. ‘What you did before was right, Ash. It’s not right to fight someone who doesn’t have any strength to pull himself on his feet, however Zene and I accept you and I personally think that you deserved to be the winner.’ Her eyes twinkled as she spoke. Ash sighed and helped Logan to stand on his feet. ‘Thanks, Maxon.’ ‘Call me, Ash.’ Logan smiled. ‘Now, you all know what your strengths and powers are, after the Severance. Now we are going to teach you how to use them, in other words we are about to introduce yourselves to your Creating powers.’ Zene continued, ‘Now everyone, concentrate and call your Neros from your mind. Close your eyes and call them until you feel them near you.’ Zene closed his eyes for a second, and as he opened his eyes back there was a white Nero hovering in the air next to him.’ Ash closed his eyes and muttered his Nero’s name over and over under his breath for a few times. Blu, come to me. He thought, but nothing happened. Blu? Come to me!’ He screamed inside his mind, waited for the familiar feeling to appear. ‘BLU!’ Suddenly, he felt like goose bumps. He opened his eyes, and there in front of him hovered Blu. His flying blue sparks made Ash sneeze. He looked around and saw that some of them still hadn’t summon their Neros. Only Sapphire and Ash had summoned their Neros. Blu flew on and landed on top of Ash tousled black hair. ‘Hey!’ Ash tried to get rid of him but Blu just sat on his hair as if nothing happened. ‘Behave.’ Ash hissed. ‘This is a free planet.’ It laughed and tousled his hair some more. ‘I love black hair, especially yours.’ Blu said which made Ash angrier. ‘I’m going to shave my hair if you keep doing this.’ ‘I don’t care!’ Blu Said. ‘BLU!’ ‘Yes?’ Ash almost stomped but Susan spoke, ‘You have a problem there, Maxon?’ ‘Um, no.’ Michael cleared his throat and everyone turned to pay attention. ‘Before you get to use your powers, I would like you to answer these papers.’ Suddenly Michael summoned some Papers and Neros went to take a paper. Blu returned with a mouthful of paper and Ash had to reach into his mouth to take the ball of paper into his hands. Luckily, Blu had no salvia in his mouth. Ash unfolded the paper and suddenly something came into his mind. He totally had forgotten the ball of paper he had found in his pocket while outside the brainwashing sector. ‘Everyone, sit on the floor and answer the questions on the paper.’ Michael announced and all of them sat on the wooden floor, which reminded Ash of how he knelt in front of Michael in the Severance. ‘Start answering. You have five minutes!’ Ash looked at his paper,Blu peeked at it from on the top of his head. He caught Susan laughing at Blu. Blu’s sparks flew off, dropped on to the paper, and dissolved on it. Ash read the first question, it said: 01.What’s your Creating strength? ‘Blu, I don’t have a pen- ’ Ash said but Blu interrupted.‘Mater, you have to think and concentrate about what you want to write as the answer, then it’ll appear on the paper.’ Ash closed his eyes and thinked hard, Traveling between plants. He opened his eyes and found the words burnt on the old parchment. His eyes darted toward the next question. 02. Which planet do you represent? This time, he opened his eyes much quicker than the last time and found the right answer burnt on the paper. The Earth 03. How old is your soul? Ash helplessly looked at Blu, but he couldn’t see him because he was still on top of his head and Ash felt Blu playing with his hair. ‘Blu, I need help.’ He said, ‘I don’t know, how old I am.’ Blu carefully, peeked at the question paper while he was on top of Ash’s head. ‘It doesn’t ask how old you are, it asks how old your soul is.’ Blu said and Ash shook his head, he didn’t know the answer to the question. ‘Don’t worry, I’ll explain you,’ Blu said, ‘If you ask the same question from me, I cannot answer because I doesn’t have a soul. But you have a soul; spirit, whatever you call it. You might be seventeen years old, but it doesn’t apply the same to your soul. Most probably, your soul is older than you. Maybe, it could be hundreds years older than yourself, it travels from one body to another body after you die.’ Blu explained all in a hurry that Ash barely caught the important facts. ‘So, how old is my soul?’ Ash asked. ‘Close your eyes, and concentrate. The answer will appear before your eyes open, master.’ ‘You truly are an encyclopedia, Blu.’ Ash laughed and some others who listened to the conversation including Logan, Laughed along with him. He finally felt like he belonged to the place. He opened his closed eyes and found the answer burnt on the parchment. 26 years old. It said. ‘Oh, my god, master’ Blu whispered, as if he was telling a secret. ‘This is so unheard of. Usually a man’s soul is older than hundred years! But yours is twenty six? Twenty-six years old soul means that it haven’t even lived inside at least two bodies yet, master! Whatever you are, your soul is a brand- new!’ ‘What are you talking about?’ Ash asked, puzzled. ‘Nevermind.’Blu muttered under his breath. Ash looked at the next question. 03.What is your name? Suddenly, a grey smoke appeared under the space of the question as Ash watched curiously. The smoke wasn’t much thick enough and it dissolved to the air quicker than he thought leaving a name burnt under the words of the question. Hytherus Sebastian Ares. It said.

Chapter 07 Michael Explained in a hurry, ‘I’m going to separate you all into three groups. Sapphire, Nicholas and Ash follow Zene. Savannah, Logan and Stephen follow Susan. Hazel and Christine follow me.’ Without even looking back to notice that the three of them were following him, Zene walked toward a door. Zene’s words tp sapphire’s question still repeated itself inside Ash’s mind; Why are we memoryless? Because, you are about to start a new life in here. A small site of a huge hope dangled between his botanical eyes. He never thought about the something like this would happen to him at the very moment he stepped out of the brain-washing sector. Is ready he felt like to a green seed which to grow when the rain hit the ground. He got the feeling of a creator, for the first time. He felt it is a miracle to be the chosen one from the earth, to be the last creator from the earth. “follow me,” said Zene Augustus as he kneeled on the glassy white tiled floor and lifted a tile. Off the floor. He placed it gently beside and signaled Ash, Sapphire and Nicholas to follow him down. Looking through the hole Ash’s eyes found a wooden staircase leading them to a creaky basement. The three new creators followed Zene down stairs through the hole. Literally, Ash or the other two mates had never imagined it as a high tech basement. Their jaws dropped in revelation as they lost words with rage. Lights were streaming the basement top to bottom with ultramarine brightness, while the black glassy tiled floor reflected themselves back. Glass built shelves covered the walls, holding hundreds of appealing flawless weapons as well as archaic books and devious jewellery. The shelves were appeared to be labeled in to five sections. Everything was ideal, clean and faultless. Perfect. “Now, stop wandering and listen to me” Zene’s thin voice lacerated through their thoughts. The trio of them felt as they were just awakened from a compelling fantasy. “You are free to choose one item from each section” “Nicholas,” Zene started as he point at the shelves, “You First.” Nicholas valiantly walked to the first shelf, which was named as ‘weapons’ inside the weapons shelf there were decades of glinting unblemished sword and blades, riffles, trauma weapons, bows and wheel blades. Nicholas looked agonized for a moment but after a moment passed he made his decisions and took the riffle. Zene nodded in silent as Nicholas made his way to the second shelf labeled as ‘Hidden surprise’ There were eight little pouches the size of Ash’s palm, lying on it. “ What are those?” Nicholas asked. “ They are made to the technique of ninjas. There’scoloured dust in them. Some types of them makes you visible and hide while other types do different various tasks. Choose two of those, I’ll teach you how to control it when we go to the white room.” Zene replied. Nicholas hasitally took an Orange and a blue pouch without commenting. To his right hand side lied the third shelf, which appeared as a jewellery stand full with rings. Earings. Necklaces and other “Gold makes Creators powerful. It helps ut to evercome the poison, but it doesn’t fully helps us to recover. Now a days, we uses it to recognize people. The more you wear Gold, they’ll know how much you are respectable for them.” Zene explained and pointed at the forth shelf. He found the forth shelf as a book shelf, filled with large had covered ancient books. “Choose any book from the first colum. It’s partened for healing creators.” Nicholas grabbed the first book to his two mates. Nicholas had choosen a riffle, blue pouch and an Orange pouch, and earing for males and a healing secrets and history book. “Maxon,” Zene signaled to Ash, “ You next” Ash made his way to the weapons section as he struggled to make a decision upon the weapon he’ll be carrying a minute after. He was unsure of him for a second until he made his decision to choose the bow and the arrows. There came the second shelf ‘ The hidden surprise’ He was stunned for a minute before he took the red pouch and the Green pouch. It felt like there were thousands of grains inside it. Ash slowly walked to the third shelf fighting against his decisions as he took a golden ring. On the ring, there was a tiny green gem between two other gold gems. In addition, Ash never loved jewellery, but after a sudden, he used to love the gold ring he choose. The green gem gleamed in the ultramarine light which streamed the basement. Zene’s glance threw at the last shelf, the book shelf. “Choose one from the second column, it is partened for hint dreamers.” Ash Choose the last book from the second column. Zene nodded in satisfaction before he instructed Sapphire to her Choices. Five minutes passed until Sapphire finished. She had chosen a set of wheel blades a white pouch and a yellow pouch, a gold neckless and an ancient soul controlling history book. Ash was still staring at his ring. When Sapphire walked to him and hissed; “Oh, look! Someone has fallen love with his golden ring.” Ash simply ignored as Nicholas warned him, “No, boy” ‘Follow me back to the Room.’ Zene said as he made up his way up the stairs. It’s so white. Was the first thought which came flooding into him mind as he and the other two entered the room. It was a huge as the square, clean and nice. The differences were that the room had a ceiling, a solid ceiling. The square only had a glass ceiling and in the room everything was white top to bottom: walls, floor and even the ceiling. Everything was white. Which Ash noticed was that there was no furniture in the room. It was a blank white room. In there, stood Zene Augustus. Ash hurried toward him, forgetting about Sapphire and Nicholas who were still wondering in the room. “Hey, the parting, what do you meant by that name?” he whispered Ash frightened as he saw Zene’s icy stare on his. He quickly turned back and heads to talked with his other 2 mates as he got the idea that zene want it to be a secret. Ash looked around the room. There were no windows, but the tiles on the floor gleamed. “ First of all, My name is Zene Augustus. And I’m your lifeline trainer as well as your advisor. For a short while until the king will be founded, I’ m one of the three leaders who controls the Creators’ world. Micheal and Susan are the other two leaders.” Ash, Nicholas and Sapphire stared at Zene as he continued. “I can afford that you already have too many questions to ask. As for clearing out I would like to describe you about the galaxy” Zene Augustus blinked several times before he started. “You might think that there isn’t life in the other planets or in the sun. But there is life in all the eight planets and their leader the Sun. You can’t see it because of their safety air shields which prevent the other planets seeming life in them I know that you all knows that the planet Neptune is blue as well as all the other planet have their own colour. Actually it’s not their true appearance; it’s just their safety air shields.” Zene stopped and gulped. Then took a heavy breath. “ So, it’s just something like a magical barror, huh?” Nicholas unlocked his voice for the first time. “Exactly.” Commented Zene. “So there are humans in the other planets too.” Sapphire mentioned. “Which should be why Micheal said each one of planets in front of our names. So, we came from them?” suddenly ash asked breaking the awkward silence. “ Yes, Maxon.” Then Zene pointed his finger at Ash, “You from the planet Earth, Sapphire from the planet Satrun and Nicolas from the planet Uranus. You were born in there” “Why are we memryless?” Sapphire asked. “Because you are about to start a new life in here.” “Why are we here? Ash. Making Zene annoyed. “ To fight the challengers with your magic and to find our new king’s soul. We choose you’ll because you all are special. The most powerful eight creators” Zene’s blue eyes seemed excited. It danced inside of his eyes. Unable to wait until the beginning. “If the creating world is the sun, how did we born in the other planedt?” Nicholas looked worried, but curious. After all, atlast they were going to find out something important. “Because…. Because we made the whole galaxy for experiments. Which we still regrets was our biggest mistake. We created life in them but not humans, but after the war after our king was killed, some of our Creators tried to escape. Eight of them escaped as and went lonely to live in the eight planets. That was the first step which is why still humans exist in the eight planets” Zene’seys watered as he blurted “ My wife died trying to stop them” Silence wrapped the air for a moment. Slowly, one by one Zene unwrapped the Sun’s history. “From the eight escapees born children and from their children, borned more families; creators… but they never knew who they were, their grand parents never told them as they become yong and had more children. It was a huge family tree.” Zene continued. “ And now, in the 21st century inthere, have come the they all started to die. That’s why we suggested to save their family’s last ones. I think that it may be a surprised for you if say that their last ones are “ The last ones from their families are the eight of us? Ash asked cutting through Zene. “Yes. You, eight are the last eight creators we saved” Zene said. ‘YOUR CREATING POWERS are not something that we introduce for you. It’s something that you have to search for. No one can teach you how control your power; it’s you who always have to learn it. Therefore it’s more like self studying.’ Michael spoke as he walked in front of the line of the eight Creators. Michael looked at Zene who was standing with his hands in the pocket and he signaled Zene to explain the rest. Zene walked out of the shadows and faced the Creators. ‘Today, you all are going to know how to use your Creating powers. No one is going to teach you, you have to search it by yourself. Now, all of you follow me outside.’ He said and walked out of the Severance court. They all followed Zene and stepped outside to find the Oak wood, which Ash ran through in the morning. Blu appeared next to Ash, grinning. ‘Ssssss...!’ Blu said into Ash’s ear and he gasped. Susan walked to the front and faced them, ‘Everybody, now we are going to do something different. It’s like a game but it’s rather different and hard. When I give you the signal, you run into the forest hide yourself and try to activate your Creating powers. Then you have to come out and search for the others, fight against them using your strengths and powers.’ Susan explained. ‘You have two hours. The one who lasts the longest wins. Let’s see who lasts until the end!’ Michael said, and signaled them to start. The eight Creators walked into the forest. As Ash wandered the forest among the green leaves of Oak his eyes danced everywhere under the shadows of the grey clouds, which hovered above. Wild flowers patterned the grass in an unique way that he had never seen, it was beautiful…it was more beautiful than he thought the sun would be. The grass rustled under his shoes as he walked with his hands touching the each oak trunk, which he was passing. A sudden ear-splitting scream made him break into a run; he glanced sideways as he ran forward to make sure that no one was following him. Huge tall oak leaves covered the grey sky from him. It was darker and darker as he stepped deeper into the forest. Suddenly he stopped running as he stepped into an open area of the forest. It was not huge, it was a small area and instead of green grass covering the ground, the grass was burnt. Trees surrounded the place in every direction. The place looked quite painful and dead and the cold breeze made it look chaotic. Ash’s foot hovered on the air on top of the margin of alive green grass meet the burnt grass. Without hesitating, Ash stepped into the burnt patch of grass and walked on it. The place felt so familiar to him, that he found himself attracted to it. Suddenly he noticed something in the middle of the area. It was a square shaped stone and it seemed so out of place. Someone must have put it in there, Ash thought as he made his way to the stone. The grass looked so burnt around the stone. The stone tablet was half covered with roots of trees; it appeared to be years old, but as he stepped closer and closer he started to feel like he was merged with the stone. He felt like that he had known the place before; nevertheless, he couldn’t call the memories due to the fact that he was still memory less. Ash slowly knelt in front of the stone tablet and reached to touch it with shaking hands and felt like hesitating, but the familiar feeling, which hovered in the cold atmosphere told him not to abandon the place. Cold shudders ran up through his body as he touched the stone. The stone felt like ice to touch, but Ash didn’t let his fingers, which were touching the stone to fall. He wanted memories, but he didn’t have any. He felt that the stone had being there for years facing various weather conditions for decades; it was alone with nobody. He kept his fingers touched to the stone as if the stone and he was combined; he felt lonely. Suddenly taking the dust and the sand along with itself, the wind blew and he squeezed close his eyes. Ash loved the feeling of fresh air on his face, but this was much more different; the sand mixed wind was teary and it felt like the wind was trying to make remind him of something, which happened a long time ago. He opened his eyes back as the wind stopped blowing and noticed that the dust, which was held to the stone was no longer there. Instead, there was a single phrase carved to the stone. His whole body trembled and his heart skipped a beat as he ran his fingers over the carved words. “Here lies Hytherus Sebastian Ares; beloved son and prince of the Nebula.” It was the crypt of the prince Hytherus Sebastian Ares. Five thousand meters deeper in the woods hundred meters away from the glass chambers was the underground cave where the demons of all kinds lived after the war between the past king of the sun and the betrayers. The cursed spirits of demons were searching for the soul of the prince for hundred years to get revenge, but they couldn’t find it, so they eventually gave up. Nevertheless now, they have a new leader to their family of demons, which had been lonely for a hundred of years after the war. The daily structure of work had changed completely after the election of the demon leader. Now they all had started to search in the every single corner of the Sun to catch the soul of King Sebastian’s son. The cave had changed into a much busy place than it had been, demons of all kinds walked freely inside the cave naked, exposing their jet-black skin, the new demon leader had given them their freedom to be themselves than covering their skin with clothes. Sitting on a large rock, hidden under the shadows of the river that flows through the underground cave was the demon king watching the every single move of the demons. His blood red eyes burned to the darkness, making the place more horrific for the demons. The cave was the darkest place in the Sun, well hidden from the Creators that no one knew about the place except for the demons who lived in it. ‘Hasss she arrived yet?’ the demon king hissed in the dead silence. ‘Yes, my lord.’ A demon replied. ‘What issss the name?’ His blood red eyes darkened making the darkness wrap himself. ‘Hazel Jacqueline, from the planet Neptune.’ The demon lord nodded as a thin grin passed on his blackish reptile- like lips. The time was passing, Ash still hadn’t checked on his powers. He slowly stepped backwards from the crypt of the prince; his hands still shaking. He felt like his fingertips burning on where he touched the crypt. Standing on the patch of the burning grass, he faced at the crypt. He closed his eyes and concentrated, even while he was closing his eyes, he felt like the world spinning faster outside. Zene had said that no one could teach them about how to use their powers, that they were the ones who had to learn their own strengths. His feet touched the place where the burnt grass and the green grass met. It was like a line, which separates two different worlds. He let out a deep breath and concentrated on the crypt. He saw the roots that curled around the crypt, burnt grass crumpling as the wind blew, the rust pieces of the crypt, the carved letters on the stone…He saw the place even if he was closing his eyes; he felt like that he was living in the place even if his body was away from it and felt how the stone of the crypt might have felt if he was touching it. He was standing a few meters away from the crypt with his eyes closed, there was nothing around him could be touched if he stretched his arm forward. He stretched his arm forward and a cold stone surface touched his palm. He opened his eyes in surprise to see himself standing in front of the crypt; a few inches away from it. It felt like that he suddenly appeared in the place after he concentrated on it, he was sure that he didn’t walked toward it while his eyes were closed. He had done it. He had used his powers of travelling. A huge relief passed inside him. But his smile faded as he glanced back. A few meters away, on the place where the burnt grass and the green grass met was a body of a young boy. The face looked so familiar and Ash tilted his head, thinking. Suddenly a thought struck him hard. It was that using his powers, he couldn’t travel to places in his body that only his soul travels with him so nobody would see him. He slowly walked toward the body of the boy who still was lying on the grass. Body belonged to him. ‘Ares, Ares!’ Savannah called as she walked deeper into the forest. ‘Where are you? Come out, it’s me Savannah.’ She walked deeper and deeper into the forest, avoiding tall branches, which interrupted. Savannah already had unlocked her creating powers. She changed the colours of wild flowers just by touching them as she walked passed. ‘Ares!’ she called a one more time, her hopes were losing. She was about to give up, but a faint voice stopped her dead in her tracks. ‘I’m here.’ Savannah slowly walked toward the voice, her palms rolled into fists. She stopped in front of a small room made out of wood, it was well hidden among the trees that even Savannah would not have been able to find it unless she hadnt heard the voice of Ares calling her from inside the small room full of darkness. ‘Ares, is that you?’ She asked, just to be sure. ‘Yes. Come in.’ He said and a small door opened for her to step in. The door was not as taller as her that Savannah had to bent her head as she stepped in. Darkness struck her. The room smelt of wet sand and black ink. There was nothing she could see in the darkness of the hidden room unless for the faint light that streamed in from the door that was left opened. But suddenly the door clicked shut behind her, distinguishing the green earth stone of old grown forest light, which streamed in. ‘Sunlight is the worst.’ She heard Ares muttering as the door locked. She felt nervous for a second but she didn’t care, she was strong enough to hold it back. ‘Well done, Emerson. You followed my instructions.’ She heard him sigh, ‘Well done. I’m glad that you didn’t forget me after travelling to the Sun, everything is under control now and let’s work to the plan.’ ‘Is this where you live, Ares, in the whole time as we communicated while I was in my planet?’ She asked as she look around but she couldn’t neither see anything nor Ares; the darkness was ruling the place. ‘Come show yourself, Ares.’ With a little strength mixed in her voice, she called as she looked around hoping to catch a glimpse of Ares. ‘I’ve never shown myself to anyone, darling.’ Ares said, his voice sounded sleepy and dizzy. ‘You sounds very tired, Ares.’ She said. ‘I must be. My mind has a scary capability of being dark and demented, Savannah.’ ‘Are you afraid of your dreams?’ ‘Yes.’ He said quietly as the door opened back, signaling her to get out. ‘They reminds me of the past years of my life.’ He sighed. She slowly walked back toward the door. She stepped outside, feeling the sunlight back on her face. ‘Wait.’ Suddenly Ares said and Savannah stopped. ‘I want to ask you a favor.’ ‘What? Savannah asked without even looking back at the room. ‘Bring me that boy,’ ‘Who?’ ‘Maxon.’ Suddenly there was a dead silence before he spoke again, ‘Ash Maxon.’ Savannah gasped in middle of a breath before she ran into the woods. After a minute of staring at his own body Ash returned to his body back. Glancing back to be sure that no one was following him, he walked through the woods in a hurry. Michael had said them to attack using their powers if they see one of the eight chosen Creators. Still no one had seen Ash, and now he was ready; he had learnt the strengths of his powers, he knew how to use them if someone attacks. Suddenly Sapphire and Stephen came into his view; there was nowhere to hide so he knew that he was trapped. Ash fiercely stepped front making the two of them step back. ‘Hey, Green eyes! Or can I say Greenie?’ Sapphire asked between a half smile and a laugh. ‘Seriously, you can pick’. Stephen started making funny noises. Ash felt himself tensing as he stepped toward Stephen. He took another step closer and stared into his honey- brown eyes. Stephen tried to step back but Ash stepped on his right foot, making him groan. ‘I. pick. neither.’ He said in a deep cold voice. ‘now, apologies.’ still stepping on Stephen’s foot, Ash waited for an apology but no one spoke. ‘I said, APOLOGIES!’ He yelled. ‘No.’ Sapphire replied, and Stephen added, ‘Never.’ Ash was not a person who got angry very fast, but in this case he wanted to show other people how strong he was or that he won’t be able to survive in this new planet, which was still an unfamiliar place to him. Michael had advised them to attack, so without thinking twice, Ash gripped Stephen’s collar with both hands and yanked him away, facing Sapphire as he waited for the next move, immediately, Sapphire dived toward Ash after revenge. She was faster than he thought and she fell with Ash on to the ground and they both struggled for their balance as they stumbled back on their feet. Meanwhile, Stephen had recovered and he too was staring at Ash in a wild range ready on his steps to take action if Ash attacked. ‘You cannot withstand the storm.’ Ash whispered under his breath, Stephen and Sapphire barely heard it. ‘C’mon!’ Ash called for them to attack him first and they looked surprised as well as Ash himself. He hadn’t known that sometimes he himself could change into such a cold person. Suddenly Sapphire came running at Ash but instead of tensing and readying for fight, Ash closed his eyes. He imagined the place where Stephen stood. Within seconds, his body separated from his soul and he appeared facing Stephen’s back of the head. Stephen didn’t see him come, due to the fact that Ash was invisible in his soul. Ash stared at his own body feet away, crumpled down to the ground. ‘Oh, my god. Stephen! He just passed out like that, Just after calling up a fight? Huh. Poor boy, Ash.’ Sapphire felt for Ash’s pulse and her eyes widened in terror, ‘Stephen?’ Her heart started to pound. ‘Dude, this is not good.’ After waiting for Stephen’s reply but when he didn’t say anything, Sapphire said as sweat trickled down her neck. ‘I think he’s dead.’ There was a dead silence between them before Stephen started to walk toward her. But before he stepped two steps toward Ash’s body, Ash, who was watching this from behind Stephen’s back in his soul stepped forward and caught Stephen on the collar making him couldn’t continue his walking. Stephen struggled to get free but he couldn’t see that who was holding him in place, so he literally started calling for Sapphire. Sapphire, who was kneeling by the side of Ash checking on his pulse raised her head in surprise to see Stephen struggling to get rid of an unseen force which was holding him in its strength. Ash grinned, satisfyingly to himself before let go of Stephen’s collar and returned to his body. His whole body hurt as he stood up from where he had fell after his soul separated from his body. His soul had returned back into his body and he felt as if that he was home from a long journey. Ash walked sideways without balance as he rubbed his eyes to readjust his vision. ‘Oh, Ash! Are you all right? I thought you died or something, I kept feeling for your pulse and dude, I didn’t feel it.’ Suddenly, Sapphire started to talk non- stop about how she was so worried of him and stuff… Maybe Blu is right about girls falling for me… He smiled at Sapphire and it almost melted her heart that she smiled back at him. Blu is right. Totally. ‘Never mind.’ Ash said as he patted Stephen on the shoulder; and noticed Stephen shudder a bit as Ash touched his shoulder. ‘Dying or passing out…’ His gaze passed at Sapphire, ‘I’m worth it.’ Then, he turned back and started walking away from the two of them without waiting for a response. ‘He’s so cold.’ Sapphire muttered to herself as she watched him leaving. Sweat was trickling down his forehead as he made his way away as far as possible from Sapphire and Stephen. He was hoping that this contest won’t last forever. He kept thinking about how many people that he have to pretend to be like before he become himself; he still didn’t know who he was…People say that he was Ash Maxon but he didn’t trust them enough to believe what they had to say about him. Maybe he was fierce; talented; educated but now everything was on fire, everything he learnt on his life in the Earth was on fire after he became memory less. Nothing mattered for him now. It was a new life; a new beginning. It was another chance. A chance to be worth it. Sapphire and Stephen will be safely transported back to the Severance court. Michael had explained that everyone who would lose a fight with another person would be transported back to the court and the person who attacked them should walked forward facing for the other challenges until he or she return back to the Severance court. Suddenly Ash stopped walking and broke into a run, which reminded him of how he ran after coming out of the brainwashing sector. All he wanted was to run freely amongst the wild flowers and oak trees; all he wanted was to feel the wind rushing past as he ran without looking back. He kept running even if his whole body hurt after using his Creating strength twice in a row. Suddenly a familiar building struck in his vision and he slowed his running into a walk. It was Severance court. With a sigh of a relief, he opened the door of it and stepped inside to see every other Creator from the eight of them had safely returned to the court. Determined, he entered in and suddenly everyone broke into applause. Some of them cheered and punched their fists into the air as some of them patted Ash on the shoulder. Blu appeared next to him, hovering in the air with a grim face, ‘Master, you won.’ ‘What?’ ‘You won. You lasted two hours without losing a single fight!’ ‘Is that so?’ ‘Master. Aren’t you be celebrating? Everyone is happy for you, ah except Michael, of course he’s in his usual stubborn position. Look.’ Blu said the last sentence in a whisper and Ash couldn’t stop himself from looking at Michael. He was crossing his arms in front of his chest and breathing heavily, unlike Zene or Susan he didn’t even smiled when he saw Ash entering the court. He burst into a laugh that made some of the Creators to look at him. ‘Go, join them.’ Blu said and hovered away from him to join the other Neros who were chatting in a corner. Ash walked into the middle of the crowd.

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