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a poem for people who are experiencing pain, heartbreak, confusion, and suffered abuse from a significant other


What can I say to change your ways? What can I do to make you see? What can I do for you to love me... the way I love you. Is there anything I can do? Is there anything I can say?

What if I left? Would you care? Would you fight for me? Would you?

Do you even know...what it means to love? To fight for love? To fight for each other? To be a man...not a boy?

You say yes Your friends say yes Your family says yes But me... Hell No.

A man wouldn't have to be asked to do things for his women as a gentlemen. A man does not lie ...does not steal ...does not cheat A man... A man...loves with his heart ...his soul ...his mind

So I ask you... What can you do to change my perception? What can you do to make me see? or better yet... What can you do to make me love you... the way your suppose to love me?

My answer: Nothing... Nothing at all.

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