Not Human Part 1 By: Yami A.R.M.Y
Not Human                           Part 1                   By:          Yami  A.R.M.Y stories

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Not Human Part 1 By: Yami A.R.M.Y

-6 years ago/ Flashback- Jimin: You have to be joking, right? You can not be a Vampire. Everyone around us looked at me with disgust and some run away. Yoomi: Jimin. Don't saw that out loud. Jimin: So you are? Why are you telling me this after years? No one like Vampires here. We are only human who hate Vampires like you. Your too powerful to be here. It's okay, i still love-

Yoomi: I'm leaving today. I ready packed my stuff and it's on it's way to where I belong. I don't belong here that Busan Chim chim. I love you, but it's for the best. It quickly turn night as soon i was done talking. His eyes tearing up as i got up. I ran to the bus station and quickly got in one. The door slammed together as Jimin was in front of the bus. Jimin fell to the grond crying. I sat down and started to cry as well.

I sigh as i think about Jimin. Okay, new day, new school and the last year of high school. Don't worry. I quickly get into class and get stares, like always. I'm used to it, i got my pretty looks from my mom and my powers from my father, yes, my my father is a Vampire and my mom is human. I take a seat and the next moment was something...really something. To be Continued

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