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http://i.imgur.com/mvi49P... Every night, my dear, I wake up with wide eyes
By Greenedified https://www.reddit.com/r/...

(Not) Alone

by Greenedified


Every night, my dear, I wake up with wide eyes

Still getting used that you're not longer with me

And everytime a little piece of me dies

when you are only in pictures to see

My little heroine, how much I miss you

Everywhere I go, I hear your voice calling

It aches because I know you're gone too

There's no stopping it, I'm falling

I come here to find some peace in my head

It are not only the thoughts I'm running from

Sometimes I wish we just had never met

Lives would have been better for atleast some

There will be no you and me again

Not in this life, nor the one after

I've been declared free but only by men

My destiny belongs to our great Father

The constant screams won't go away

I tried therapy and pills and more

Only if I kill myself they may

It's time to leave it behind and close the door

Forgiveness is not what I seek

But I'm sorry that it was not me who died

And I'm sorry that I was too weak

To resist the voices inside

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