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Re uploading this, as I did not understand the rules of Reddit when I originally did lol. So this happened a few years back. I'm currently a freshman in college and this happened probably around the end of junior year of high school.
By Peanutbulldog

Night Stalker (Re-upload)

by Peanutbulldog

Re uploading this, as I did not understand the rules of Reddit when I originally did lol.

So this happened a few years back. I'm currently a freshman in college and this happened probably around the end of junior year of high school.

A little back story, my parents were going through a tough time and were no longer living together.

My dad was a police officer and was on a year long out of state assignment, so he would usually only come home once a month or so.

Most days and nights, it was just myself, my mom, and our two dogs, a German Shepherd and a Beagle.

One night, my mom went out with friends, so it was just myself and the dogs. Our Beagle (Charlie) is pretty well trained, and rings a bell at the back door whenever he has to go take a piss.

Normally Charlie and the shepherd (Moe) go together, but Moe was sleeping in the other room. Also, Our back door doesn't go straight to our back yard.

We have a large screen porch that is attached to the house, and you have to go through the screen porch and open another door to get in the backyard.

My backyard fence is roughly 5 feet tall, and there is a very large wooded area behind my house and neighborhood. Anyway, Charlie rang the bell and I opened the door, and took him on to the porch.

We both approached the porch door, and suddenly Charlie stops dead in his tracks. It was dark outside, and I can't see anything in the backyard.

Charlie's ears perk up and he walks up to the screen wall of the porch. Charlie has pointed (like you see dogs do in cartoons) ever since he was born.

His ears go back, head, back and tail go perfectly straight, and he lifts up his paw.

Charlie looked at the back darkest corner of my backyard, which is full of giant bushes and borders the woods, and points.

He held this for like 30 seconds, and mixed it with the occasional growl.

I was starting to get spooked, and so I locked the door to the screen porch, and then took Charlie inside and locked he door behind us. I Went and grabbed my grandfathers old .

22 rifle (ik it's not much, but it was something) and sat watching the door for the rest of the Night.

I told my mom about it when she got home later that night, and she said that a few nights earlier,

she saw someone walking around in the woods at like 2 am with a flashlight when she took the dogs out. Afterwards, I called my dad, who was surprisingly unsettled by it.

My dad has been a cop for 30 years. He worked as a patrol officer, a detective, and even SWAT. He's also pretty big, not a man who scares easily. He said that he'd be home in two days.

Which put my mind at ease. The next night, however, that quickly changed.

My mom had purchased some motion detecting lights for our backyard, and also activated our security system which detects motion in the backyard.

It was probably 10:00 at night, I was watching TV with my mom in her room, which has a window that is right next to the door that connects the screen porch to the backyard.

Mom got a notification on her phone. It was from our security company, saying that motion had been detected in our backyard.

The motion detector pinged 8 more times, each ping appeared to be moving closer to the porch door.

That's when we heard the wooden porch door creak open, and we saw the motion lights fire up through the window, we heard the porch door quickly close,

and got several more pings from the motion detector before everything finally stopped. We were extremely unsettled, but decided not to have the police come out just to say that no one was there.

Besides, my dad was coming home the next day. I decided to head to bed early, as I was still pretty shook. I slept till about 4 am.

At roughly four in the morning, I awoke to the sound of Moe (our German Shepherd) barking. It wasn't "doorbell just rang" barking, it was authentic, intimidating german shepherd barking.

I rushed downstairs to see the back door open, and my mom standing on the porch. She told me that Moe woke her up by whining and growling lowly.

She thought he had to go pee, and so she took him out. But when she opened the porch door, she said she saw a man dressed in black just standing in our backyard.

Moe immediately bolted after him and chased him to the edge of the yard, where the guy vaulted over the fence and ran into the woods.

We stayed up until daylight, and my dad arrived home at about 8 am. We told him about what happened, and so he decided he would put a stop to it.

When night rolled around, my dad set up shop on the couch with soda, coffee and five hour energy, along with his bright as fuck police flashlight, and his .45 service pistol.

Sure enough, at around midnight, the motion detector pinged near the porch door, and he went outside. He shouted something along the lines of

"If you take another step towards this house, you're not gonna walk away." He made sure that his badge and gun were quite visible when he said that.

We haven't had an incident since, and now my parents are on good terms and living together again. But occasionally, the dogs will look into the darkness from inside and start growling.

I don't think I want to know what they see.

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