Night of the Fox
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Night of the Fox

This happened right after Leicester City FC won the Premier League.

For ordinary people like us, the “Leicester miracle” is nothing but some material for nervous small talks. However, in the hometown of this miraculous team, things are much different.

Especially for the two lead singers of Kasabian.

Both of them have been crazy fans of LCFC.

Even after Sergio became part of a band that was bound to hit the chart someday, he still held the dream of being a professional football player for Leicester City.

Another dream of his was to witness Leicester City become the champion, which became true just two weeks ago.

“Y’know wha? We should do a gig to celebrate this.” Suggests Tom, while the two are at Serge’s place, chilling out after watching Chelsea defeat Hotspur and making Leicester the new champion.

“Definitely. Yah we have to do that.” Answers Serge.

And so they do.

The very day before the celebration parade, Tom is wild with joy and excitement. He jogs around the room, humming ‘Fire’ and ‘Underdog’ out of tune and laughing to himself.

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