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Chapo - The Mob Leader Assign - The Hothead
By vuisburning https://vuisburning.tumbl...

Nicknames for the relevants

by vuisburning

Chapo - The Mob Leader

Assign - The Hothead

Plough - The Intellect

Alliegant - The Goth Princess

Alchemy - The Queen Bee

Abuses - The Crazy Latina

Orb - The Philosopher

Cuckt - The Tomboy

Pauia - The Hot Asian

Gleams - The Sweetheart

MWolfe - The Ladies Man

nmad - The Shy One

Celebro - The Sass

Deport - The Cutie

Gulp - The Twink

Ostrich - The Prince Charming

Uckers - The Ghetto Chick

Krystal - The Silent but deadly

Jords - The Nice Guy

Entitle - The Booty

Electrics - The Kind Heart

Jailbait - The Mean Girl

Permit - The Cutie

Intuitive - The Chill Dude

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