next time instead, just come to my bed
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next time instead, just come to my bed

The next time the Commander saw Jimmy, Crash and the Professor were heaving his body into the laboratory of their new Battletram.

The Professor hooked him up very carefully to the charging station,

connecting thick electrical wires into ports hidden under synthetic skin and gave explicit instructions not to touch him until he booted up by himself.

As soon as the Professor waved them off, the Commander went and inspected the machinery, finally leaning back against the wall.

The four men stood quietly until it became clear that he wasn’t reflecting or thinking, he was going to wait there until Jaime woke up.

After some time Eaglebones cleared his throat in exasperation. “C’mon-” He caught himself, rolling his eyes slightly at his new name. “

. We’ve got things to do, you can’t stand here all day and wait. Jaime will be fine, the Professor said to just leave him.”

“I’m not going to lea…It won’t take long.

We’ll just wait here a bit, I’ll bet he’ll be up in no time, you’ll see!

” The others hung around for a while – Crash stayed for a few hours before reluctantly patting him on the shoulder as he left.

It was midnight when Ricky got up to pee and found the Commander slumped against the charging station.

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