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Next in Line

There was a knock on the door and Nico was about to open it when he hears the shouting begin.

"That's the third time this month that you've used my car and brought it home filthy, Pascal." Lewis says as he follows Pascal who was looking for his jacket.

"Dad, I only use it when I'm running errands. I highly doubt there were puddles of mud on my way to the grocery store." Pascal tries to reason but Lewis was having none of it.

"You could have still gotten it clean. How hard was it to drive it to the car wash if you were so lazy to clean it yourself?" Lewis says.

Nico goes ahead and opens the door to see Max stood there in team gear. Nico smiles at Max before he lets him in.

When Nico was about to tell Max to take a seat as he waits for Pascal that was when they heard Lewis yell at Pascal.

"That's it! You're grounded until the next race!" Lewis roars as Pascal and Nico give him confused looks. "You can't ground him." Nico says as he stands next to Pascal.

Lewis looks at Nico confused. "What do you mean I can't do that? I'm his father, of course I can ground him." Lewis says as he puffs out his chest a bit.

"First off, he has sponsor events he has to go to so you really can't ground him. Second, he's 21, Lewis." Nico says like he's talking to a child and not to his husband.

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