Newtmas high school AU
Newtmas high school AU teresa agnes stories

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fan work by unsolicitedfaith adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Newtmas high school AU

Chapter 1

"Well would you look at that everyone's here. Minho I think it's time to run down to the office." He stood and fast-walked out with the folder filled with absent notes and the attendance sheet.

Thomas struggled to to finish his math homework, which he just had to have first period. He looked up to the clock, but stopped on a familiar face.

His blonde hair covered his eyes, which were closed. He was leaning on his arm, and god did he look adorable.

Someone coughed and Thomas shook his head, getting back to the unattractive algorithms he had to solve in three minutes.

The bell rang and Thomas shoved the paper in his book and practically sprinted out of the room avoiding any contact with Newt.

While he was walking, his best friend fell into line with him. "Oh my god, I have math first period and I didn't do my fucking homework, I'm so screwed Mr. Janson's scary as hell."

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