New Year's Eve with you
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New Year's Eve with you

"It's beautiful."

That's what Kitty Pryde told Peter Quill at that moment while she was clung to his arm, resting her head on his shoulder. The couple was on top of a building right in front of Times Square.

It was New Years Eve and there was only 10 minutes left before midnight.

"Glad you think that. It was this or getting tickets for the Superbowl on February," Peter said, almost teasing her with a smile. Kitty looked up to his face a little puzzled.

"You like football?"

"You don't?"

"Not really."

"Glad I picked the New Year’s Eve date."

Kitty couldn't help but smile at Peter's unplanned plans. They remained in silence for a few seconds looking at all the people gathered at ground level.

"Did I ever tell you about that time I was a bodyguard during the mid-show of one Superbowl?" Kitty spoke breaking the silence trying to catch his attention.

"You were backstage at a half time show?" Peter asked, his voice denoting some excitement.

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