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New World

"Next!" Zira hears a male voice crying out in annoyance from inside the room she is about to soon enter for her job interview.

A young woman exits the office with a clearly distraught expression on her face.

She gives Zira a glance that says 'good luck in there, you'll need it,' and quietly makes her way down the hallway.

Zira takes one last deep breath, exhales, straightens her black pencil skirt and confidently steps through the door in front of her.

"Good morning!" she greets the two men that sit behind the desk.

The one on the left is wearing a bright blue suit and a red shirt that reminds Zira of a parrot you might see when you walk by a pet shop.

A fashionable ID spelling 'Zazu— Executive Assistant to CEO' hangs neatly clipped to the edge of his chest pocket.

He is a short man with dark brown hair and a large aquiline nose that gives support to a pair of rimless eyeglasses.

He's the only one that greets Zira back and gestures her to sit down while he browses through the many papers that lie in front of him.

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