New Start, New Friends
New Start, New Friends bill cipher & dipper pines stories

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New Start, New Friends

It was the second week of June, a surprisingly nice and peaceful Monday afternoon.

The last day of the school year was last Thursday and Norman was enjoying not doing any homework and being lazy.

Norman was watching his favorite black and white horror movie, Nearly Almost Dead but Not Quite. He could hear Courtney in her room down the hall, talking with Mitch on the phone.

They had become good friends, even if that wasn't all she wanted them to be when they first met.

Norman was sitting on his bed wearing comfortable, navy blue pajama pants patterned with cartoonish zombie heads and an old baseball style shirt with red sleeves.

Chadley was about to have his face eaten off when he heard his parents call him and his sister downstairs to talk about something. He wondered what they would want to talk about.

He hasn't done anything wrong recently, neither has Courtney, he thinks. They have good grades, Norman had a B- in Language Arts, but there's not much he can do about that now that it’s summer.

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