New Lives and Deals
New Lives and Deals summing up stories

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New Lives and Deals

Theodore had made a deal with Jean Claude that worked for both of them. Jean Claude got two free hits per year of his choosing.

Edward could choose not to take it, when offered, but that would add an additional hit to the tally.

Ever the shrewd businessman Jean Claude also offered Edward a position in his organisation which he is still considering.

It would mean less travelling and may not even be challenging enough for him but it's giving him something to think about besides where to live.

He doesn't like my place, he says it's too easy to break into, to spy on, and a million other things too.

To make his point he ran me through some training exercises which almost always ended up first with a gun or knife pressed into me then more intimate things pushed inside me.

I was a slow learner. Well, maybe not, but I knew how to get what I wanted. He's currently searching for a plot of land where he can commission his own house to be built, sorry, our own house.

He wants to make us a walk in gun locker, high security system with video links like he had in Santa Fe and, this actually made me laugh out loud, a panic room.

He wasn't joking apparently and the dead stare he gave me only made matters worse, but he won't be convinced otherwise so I'm just going to let him plan this his way.

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