New Life for my new family
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New Life for my new family

I felt Jacobs’s lips on my forehead. It felt so good and then darkness took me in her powers. I felt electricity go through my veins, making my heart beat again.

I needed to be dead. In hell or heaven, it doesn’t matter. I need to be dead. I wanted to open eyes, but my eyelids where so heavy that only possibility was going back to sleep.

I don’t know when I woke up, but I felt somebody holding my hand. It felt really pleasant. I turned my face and then opened my eyes. It was Jacobs’s mom.

She smiled at me and I don’t know why I smiled back. It felt like right thing to do.

“Why I am alive?” I asked her. My throat felt like desert. She saw it, and helped me little bit and gave me water. She sat back and looked little bit scared.

“Because I couldn’t let you die and be his first kill. You said you loved him, and he loves you too, but he doesn’t say that. I never saw him take care of person like that.

I just couldn’t make him guilty in your death. And we need to save him.”

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