New Girl Ficlets
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New Girl Ficlets

This is a collection of the comment fic I've written on my

for New Girl.

Winston’s pouring a cup of coffee when Schmidt walks up behind him, sticks his nose up close to Winston’s ear, and inhales like a wine connoisseur ferreting out a particularly fine vintage.

It only starts with the beer gargling.

“I’d do the same thing for you,” Schmidt says. “In a heartbeat. Friendship! Subtitled: The Things I’d Do For Nicholas Miller.”

He drags her down to him and kisses her, open-mouthed and the sweetest he knows how.

Drunk Nick is weirdly affectionate and only occasionally depressed and kind of hilariously uncoordinated when it comes to basic leg-and-arm motions.

"I was here first!" Nick whispered, intense and really close to her face. "And you're tiny, Jess! You could fit in a shoebox, so don't take a whole damn closet!"

Or maybe it’s the three of them, drunk and laughing during a night out at the bar, crowded up against each other at the back of a booth.

Read the rest via the link in the description!

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