Never Steal a Soul Cake
Never Steal a Soul Cake marian of knighton stories

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Never Steal a Soul Cake

Guy of Gisborne went through the gate of the castle on horseback and he dismounted, throwing the reins of the animal to a servant, out of sorts.

Robin Hood had entered the castle during the night to steal the tax money that had to be sent to the black knights.

Guy was woken abruptly when one of the guards raised the alarm and he had to throw himself in pursuit of the outlaw.

Obviously Hood had managed to escape and Gisborne had spent the rest of the night and a good part of the morning looking for him in the forest,

without getting any other result than to get soaking wet in the rain.

In the end, tired, cold and hungry, he was resigned to the idea that even that day he wouldn't capture Robin Hood and he ordered his men, just as wet and discouraged as him,

to return to the castle.

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