Never Let Go
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Never Let Go

On April 10th 1912, the Titanic was to set sail on its maiden voyage.

The ship was to carry many of the wealthiest people in the world, along with many emigrants from Great Britain, Ireland, and all over Europe aiming to build new lives elsewhere.

But nobody knew of the impending disaster that was yet to strike.

The dock was a very busy place that day, filled with passengers getting ready to board, and even people who were there just to see the newly built ship with their own eyes.

Afterall, the ship was said to be the largest vessel ever built. It was also said to be unsinkable.

Everyone who had tickets to board the RMS Titanic started making their way towards the ship for ticket checking, name recordings, health inspections, and getting luggage and cargo stored.

A loud car horn grabbed the attention of the people crowded on the dock.

A shiny, maroon coloured car made it's way through and scared the crowd so that they eventually moved out of the way,

giving the car a pathway through and they all stayed out of the way as another identical car trailed behind it.

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