Never Leave Your Heart Alone
Never Leave Your Heart Alone phil coulson stories

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A fanfic by amaria_anna_d adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Never Leave Your Heart Alone

Never Leave Your Heart Alone

Chapter 1

Matt tugged at the uncomfortable tie his foster mother had insisted he wear and shifted nervously in his seat. The school dance was the absolute last place he’d wanted to be that night, but Mrs.

Nelson had all but commanded both boys go. She said it would do Foggy good to dance with some pretty girls and that it would do Matt good to get out of the house like “normal” teenagers do.

Their friend Karen had dragged Foggy off to the dance floor not ten minutes after they walked through the door, so it seemed Mrs. Nelson got half of her wish.

Sure, Karen had asked Matt to dance too, but it was in that pitying tone she always used around him. They both knew it was probably the only offer to dance he’d get all night.

It wasn’t like he could pick a girl out across the room and sweep her off her feet like they did in the movies—or at least the way he’d heard it described.

Matt wasn’t prone to bouts of self-pity, but sitting along the gym wall listening to an off key band playing while most of his classmates danced, he couldn’t help himself.

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