Never Leave Me
Never Leave Me arthur of the britons stories

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Never Leave Me

Kai sounds so calm; so reasonable; yet, what Arthur hears … it makes no sense.

“Arthur, we both knew the day would come, when one of us must leave the other.”

“You … want to leave?” He can’t believe it; just can’t take it in.

Kai makes a helpless gesture. “We’ve played this out before – just never to the final act.”

Now, understanding dawns. Arthur purses his lips. “I see. You’re taking your revenge, for Benedicta.”

Kai looks at him as if he were a child. “No, not revenge, Arthur. Never that.”

“Then why?” He turns away – can’t look at Kai; can’t let him see that he’s undone. If he’d been hit by a charging battle horse, it would hurt less than this.

In a voice he wishes didn’t sound so small and lost, he asks, “How did this come about?”

“When you were spending so much time with the Roman princess –”

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