Never Leave Me!
Never Leave Me! cross yuuki stories

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A written piece by know_it_all_hermione adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Never Leave Me!

Kaname and Yuuki Kuran were standing in front of Zero Kiryu who was at their front door, he had come to speak to Yuuki.

"What are you doing here, Zero?" Yuuki said, looking confused.

Kaname had a frown on his face, Zero had a look of determination on his face.

Kaname didn't know why the former level E vampire was here but he knew it could be nothing good, Zero had never visited Yuuki before at Kaname's and Yuuki's home.

"I came to take you back, I love you Yuuki" said Zero, his violet eyes staring straight into Yuuki's large dark hazel eyes.

Yuuki blinked in surprise her eyes widening, Kaname's eyes had narrowed with anger and there was a small amount of fear in them.

"Leave Kiryu! Yuuki is with me! " said Kaname in anger, pulling Yuuki closer to his side.

"She's only with you because I made it that way, Kuran! I was unfair to her, I didn't give her a choice!" said Zero, glaring at Kaname.

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