Never Felt Like This Before
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Never Felt Like This Before

The hallway's nearly empty as Peter shuts the door behind himself, humming a little under his breath. He's off-key as hell, he knows, but he's never really cared about that.

What matters is that he had a pretty great time last night and he's in a good mood this morning.

The guy a few doors down, on the other hand, looks a little shellshocked.

It has a bubble of concern growing in Peter's chest, which melts into sympathy when the guy looks up and gives him a faint, sickly sort of smile and asks, "Walk of shame?"

Peter pulls his notepad from his back pocket and scribbles a response as he walks closer, holding it up when he's about a foot from the man.

After leaning closer to read the note, the man glances up at him and Peter gives him a wink and a bit of a leer.

That startles a laugh from the man and some of the hollowness fades from his expression. "I suppose that's a healthier way to look at it."

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